Does Affiliate Marketing Involve Multiple Websites?

If you are trying to learn all about affiliate marketing as a work-from-home Does Affiliate Marketing Involve Multiple Websites?  career, no doubt you have come across people talking about multiple sites. Because of the extent of this particular site and how it evolved into something so much bigger than I imagined, I am just now beginning to focus on a second one. Yet, some people literally have more than a hundred.


This site became my “baby” if you will, so ranking it in such a competitive niche with such competitive key phrases like “work from home” has taken all of my time. I just put all of my eggs into one basket and honestly I am trying to get away from that.  Does Affiliate Marketing Involve Multiple Websites?


As usual, I am trying to share my experiences with all of you so you may have a better way to go about all of this. Affiliate marketing is about finding products with a high conversion, low return rate, and preferably a low competition level. PERIOD! You want to rank it quickly and move on to the next one.


What I have done here has left me answering comments, emails, and trying to rank for such terms like affiliate marketing, Senuke, Fast Cash Commissions, Work from home careers…the list is endless really. While I am in the top ten pages of Google for all of those phrases (and many more) it becomes harder and harder to move up the ladder. It seems I can’t keep up with the posting required, the uniquely spun content for Senuke, and of course all the correspondence with others trying to learn Znz and/or affiliate marketing!


Here are the advantages of having multiple affiliate marketing sites:


  1. You are focusing on only a few key phrases at a time for the entire site, this makes ranking your site much easier and faster.


  1. If one doesn’t convert well, you have many others that are bringing in money.
Does Affiliate Marketing Involve Multiple Websites?
Does Affiliate Marketing Involve Multiple Websites?
  1. If you are promoting a product that gets cancelled for whatever reason, you do not lose all of your income! Google frowns on deleting posts as it causes a 404 page not found error. So if one of my products on this site goes out of business I have to come up with an alternative way of dealing with it. If it was its own site, I would just leave it alone and let it fade away.


Those are just a few of the advantages of having multiple sites, now there are some disadvantages as well; so lets touch on those.

Does Affiliate Marketing Involve Multiple Websites?

  1. You have more sites to keep up with, and of course more sites to rank. I would suggest starting with only one to three to keep from being overwhelmed.


  1. Social media is necessary and a great help with ranking. Clearly if you have a Facebook or Twitter account and one of your sites promotes Senuke while another sells weight loss pills; you will need separate social sites. This will be the case in any situation where your products have absolutely nothing in common!


  1. If you are like me you will create and rank these sites under different names and email addresses which creates a lot of different information to keep track of. For example, I have been slowly putting together a second affiliate site in a niche that I know will convert well and have absolutely no returns to deal with. However, it is also highly controversial and nothing I would want tied to me and this site where I write everything myself and proudly claim it as my own.


This doesn’t mean I am ashamed of this second site in anyway shape or form, it is simply an affiliate site selling a product that has NOTHING to do with what I do here. I would not link it to this site and risk losing any credibility because some might be offended. It is just business; and that is exactly how affiliate marketing should be treated….as a business. You don’t have to use the product yourself to promote it, you just have to be able to sleep at night with what you are doing; and I can!


In summary, having one or several affiliate sites is a personal choice; but if I had it to do over again I would have many sites by now. Don’t get me wrong, I love having work from home facts and myths as a solid resource for others to learn the business. However, I also have no doubt that I would be in an even higher income bracket had I chose to do many small sites focusing on only one thing at a time.


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