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Does The Quality Of Eggs Affect The IVF Treatment?

Egg quality matters a lot when the woman is capable of conceiving the baby. However, for many years, women are struggling with the problem of infertility. Due to it, they face various issues in struggling to get pregnant. The major reason behind the poor quality of eggs is diminishing the ovarian reserve.

Quality Of Eggs Affect The IVF Treatment

The egg quality is essential because the embryo quality relies on it. If the egg is of poor quality, then it is linked with the chromosomal abnormalities in embryos. In addition to that, it is also named aneuploidy. This condition may lead to miscarriage and congenital disabilities. In the IVF treatment, the egg quality matters.

If there is any problem with the egg quality, then it fails the embryo’s implantation. In addition to that, it also leads to failure in fertilization. So, the Best gynecologist doctor in Noida will suggest several things about IVF and egg quality. Even you can clear your doubts by discussing them with them. Moreover, if you have poor egg quality, then you should work on improving the quality of eggs.

Factors that affect the IVF Outcomes:

Several factors affect the outcome of IVF. Here is the list of some elements.

  • Egg/Embryo egg quality
  • Embryo transfer
  • Sperm factors
  • Stimulation Protocol and ovulation timing
  • Implantation

When it comes to the egg/embryo quality, then reproductive age is matters in it. There is a 50% live birth rate in women who are below 35. On the other side, the live birth rate is nearly 25% in women who are between the age of 40 and 42 per fresh IVF cycle. In addition to it, a decrease in the success rate of IVF leads to a decrease in the number of eggs.

Several tests identify those patients who have the suboptimal response for stimulation with IVF. These tests include 3FSH and estradiol levels, inhibin B, and so on.

Apart from it, you can consult the experienced team of the women’s clinic. They will clear all of your doubts regarding egg quality, IVF treatments, and several other facts. In addition to it, they will help you in choosing the ideal lifestyle. If you are planning for the delivery, then you can take guidance from this gynecologist center.

In the end, choose the Best gynecologist doctor in Noida of “The women clinic.” You can discuss your problem with them and get the ideal solution.


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