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Eccentric Places To Have A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

In this modern era of social media, we all are somewhat desperate to flaunt our good clicks in front of the whole world. And, if it is your wedding time, then I bet you are very excited to post photos in duo with your partner on social media. These pre-wedding photoshoot are portraying the essence of the couple to the fullest and carry their bond of love ahead. It is a beautiful way to preserve your starting moments with your partner in photographs. These pre-wedding photographs will carry all the moments of your just before ‘wedding time’ which you can enjoy even after years. It is the best way to make your partner comfortable in front of the camera so that you guys don’t feel like a mess if you see the camera for the first time together during your wedding time.

There are many quirky and eccentric places to have pre-wedding photoshoots at. Pre-wedding photoshoot time is also considered as part of the wedding now and thus given more importance. The pre-wedding photoshoot marks the presence of starting love and affection between the newly soon-to-be-married couples. There are many ways you will use these photographs; the best is in your invitation card and the rest of the occasions you will feel after your wedding time. If you are able to capture these moments in perfect clicks, then it will be easy for you to recapitulate your pre-wedding period by just watching these photos even after 20-30 years.

A pre-wedding photoshoot required a special destination. There are many such special destinations that are almost perfect for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Before discussing those eccentric places, we are mentioning some facts and some knowledge that you have to make sure and keep in mind during your pre-wedding photoshoot time. Let’s start.

How to choose and plan your pre-wedding photoshoot theme?

A pre-wedding photoshoot is not a normal photoshoot that can normally take place anywhere. It requires professionals and a special place to click an amazing click. When it comes to photography, you can cross any boundary. You can go to any unique place for your perfect pre-wedding photoshoot. Have you decided what you will answer when he will ask you about the photoshoot theme and location? Well, you can discuss any random theme which you love with your hired photographer and then head on towards that theme. There are many trendy themes which you will and we will mention some of them later on in this article. If you want to make your pre-wedding photoshoot somewhat magical without traveling much, then you can take the help of props that will give you some amazing shots.

Choose a theme that suits your personality. For example, if you guys are romantic, then it is better to choose some romantic themes and destinations for photography like beach, garden. And, if you are couples which have a traditional touch, then you can choose any traditional theme for your photoshoot. The theme and the destination will change according to the personalities both of you are having. You can also ask for some ideas from your photographer because he might be having enough experience in this field. You can also click your photographs in more than two themes but the expenditure will increase proportionally. Make sure both the partners are equally satisfied with the pre-wedding photoshoot theme as these will become memories for your whole lifetime.

What to wear for a pre-wedding photoshoot?

There are innumerable outfit ideas which you wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Your pre-wedding photoshoot photos will be remembered even after 30-40 years after your marriage; thus, you will obviously want to look good in each of them. If you are searching for some indo-western look, there are many Indo-Western Dresses available on the internet which will look good on you. And if you want to go traditional, then you can choose any traditional outfit for your pre-wedding photoshoot. There are thousands of options available on the Internet from which you can choose your dresses, but make sure it should look good and elegant on you, plus it must be comfortable as you have to make a pose in different geometries for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Outfits aren’t considered complete without accessories. See, find accessories which will go with your dress. If you do not want to spend extras on your accessories, then you can use props for amazing photographs. There are many props that can help you like funky umbrellas, lights, books, fairy lights, wine glasses, and others.

When is the right time to get a pre-wedding photoshoot?

There is no perfect time to get a pre-wedding photoshoot done. But, remember a month before marriage will be one of the busiest months in your whole lifetime. So, to avoid any trauma you should plan your pre-wedding photoshoot at least one-two months before your wedding day. Anytime between 7 months before your wedding day will be okay for your pre-wedding photoshoot. The sooner you will plan, the more you will have time to spend quality time alone. Because during photo shoot time, you both will start getting more closer to each other than ever before.

Who performs pre-wedding photoshoot and how much does it cost?

You never want your pre-wedding photographs to be clumsy. We all want our pre-wedding photographs to be amazing and perfectly taken. So, you will always hire specialists and professionals to capture your pre-wedding photoshoot images. You have to hire someone professional for this work. He might be a single photographer handling all things or he might be having his team.

Now, talking about the cost of a pre-wedding photoshoot, a professional photographer can charge as low as 10,000 INR, and as high as 1-2 lakhs INR. The rate depends on the quality of the photoshoot. For example, if you want some underwater shots then it will require some extra special equipment which is costly and thus will increase the cost of your pre-wedding photoshoot. It totally depends on you on how much budget you have reserved for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

List of Quirky and Eccentric places to have a pre-wedding photoshoot.

In this section, we will be discussing some pre-wedding photoshoot locations that you will definitely try during your pre-wedding photoshoot. If you do not want to travel much, then we have also mentioned some ideas that will allow you to click best shots at your home only. Let’s discuss some pre-wedding photoshoot places ideas.

1.    Café for Foodies

Source- Pinterest

If you both are food lovers, then café might be the perfect place for you guys to click some amazing couple photos. You can use some props like a table, coffee mug, and other such things to make your pre-wedding photoshoot more interesting. The best part about this theme is that you need to travel a lot in this theme, just find the best café around your home and you are done. You can also grab some delicious food over there.

2.    Gym couples

Source- Pinterest

If you both are gym freaks, then why don’t you guys plan your pre-wedding photoshoot in the gym. This idea is quite unique but interesting. You both have started your journey from this place, then it is your responsibility to make it more special. There are many couples who met in the gym and are now getting married. They are doing their pre-wedding photoshoot in the gym, so get inspired from them and plan your shoot.

3.    The readers’ place

Source- Pinterest

Pre-wedding photoshoot in a library using a book as a prop is one of the finest and most unique ideas. If both the partners are fond of reading books, then why not make them more special. Books can also become a great prop material for you both which can add an amazing level to your photos. You can ask for some ideas from your photographers.

4.    Sporty Photoshoot

Source- Pinterest

If you guys are a sportsperson then this theme will suit you the best. You can choose your own sport which you like the most. Use some sports material related to that sport as the prop material and play a duo game. You can take help from the internet if you guys are not finding any pose. Use that pose to grab some amazing clicks.

5.    Underwater photoshoot

Source- Pinterest

No doubt this photoshoot might cost more, but it will give you some of the best photos of yours. Underwater photos are always amazing and if taken perfectly they can be the best shot of your life. You can wear some extravagant outfits and experience the fun. This underwater pre-wedding photoshoot idea is trending nowadays.

6.    Photos with animals

Source- Pinterest

If you are bored of a normal couple of photos, include animals in your photographs to add more cuteness. It is a very exciting idea to perform a pre-wedding photoshoot idea in a wildlife sanctuary. Make sure your photographer should have some experience taking photographs with animals. You will find some amazing clicks with animals.

7.    High on the bridge

Source- Pinterest

If you are searching for some natural place for a pre-wedding photoshoot, then here comes the end of your search. You can run down away from the city and find a vacant bridge which can be used for some exciting photographs. These pictures with natural beauty will provide you peace and add more love between you both. This is one of the best eccentric places to have a pre-wedding photoshoot at.

8.    Home sweet home

Source- Pinterest

Don’t want to go outside? Don’t worry! You can perform your pre-wedding photoshoot at your home also. For this, you have to think of some amazing props and some amazing poses. You can take help from the internet and also from the photographer. You will love your ‘at home’ photographs. You can set some romantic themes to click these pictures. You can also click some amazing couple photographs by playing with lights.

9.    Glow in snow

Source- Pinterest

A couple of photos in the snowy season, exciting? Yes! You can wait for the winter season, travel to the place where snow usually stays for a longer period. Ask your photographer to click some romantic photographs. Make sure you guys have already decided on the poses which you will make in front of the camera. If taken perfectly, your photo will definitely glow in snow.

10. Romantic Rain

Source- Pinterest

The rainy season is always a romantic season. A pre-wedding photoshoot in the rainy season is also a good idea because it will add some quirkiness to your photos. You will look like cute couples. You can perform the ‘Aashiqui 2’ popular rain pose.

11. Beach burns

Source- Pinterest

Photo Shooting at the beach is going trendier day by day. Photos with the ocean in the background will look amazing. You can use a boat as a propping material for your comfort. Apply sand over your body and then click a couple of photos, amazing. This theme will give you some amazing clicks that you can use on your invitation card.

12. Plain green grass

Source- Pinterest

Plain green grass is also an amazing location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. You can edit photographs as per your need, and use props according to your wish. Make sure you are wearing something amazing and posing in a different and romantic manner.

So, here were some amazing quirky and eccentric places to have a pre-wedding photoshoot. Remember you can also customize these ideas according to your wish and also come up with your own idea. All the best for your new journey and let us know your favorite pre-wedding photoshoot location down in the comment section.

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