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Everything You Need To Know About B.Kidzanian

Providing your kids opportunities and platforms to learn things that are difficult to learn anywhere else is important. Your kids will grow and learn new skills and life hacks that will help them in the future.

These activities at KidZania are introduced after great research. And only those activities are included that will help improve the knowledge and skills of your children. Kids become highly active and participative when you combine education and entertainment. Teaching things to your kids in a fun way will make them highly engaged and attentive. So, take your kids to such places; help them engage in entertaining yet informative activities.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the offers and opportunities you can get after acquiring B.Kidzanian citizenship.

What is B.kidzanian?

At KidZania, your children can apply for citizenship by filling out the citizenship forms. For successful submission of the citizenship form, the parent’s consent is important. When you get citizenship, you will get a paZZport where stamps are added after every participation in kidzanian activity. The more you achieve stamps, the more benefits you can enjoy. You will get three different levels of B.Kidzanian depending upon the stamps you have achieved. The three citizenship levels are as follows.

  • Naturalized citizen
  • Distinguished citizen
  • Honorable citizen

Each citizenship level will provide different benefits and offers, which we will discuss here.

Top 5 Benefits of B.Kidzanian

If you want to get recognition for your participation and progress, then acquiring KidZania citizenship is the best choice. For your participation in each activity, you will get different rewards and discounts. Such offers make people get their citizenship to enjoy the benefits one cannot enjoy anywhere else. So here are some of the offers and benefits you can enjoy as a B.KidZanian citizen.

Eligibility for appointment in Kidzania Congrezz

On becoming a citizen, you will become eligible for the KidZania CongreZZ. Kidzania congreZZ is a legislative government consisting of 20 children that meet quarterly to discuss various matters. These kids discuss how to improve the experience and how the city works. Such activities develop leadership and decision-making skills in your kids. Buying Kidzania Dubai tickets and witnessing such productive activities will make you apply for your kid’s citizenship and enjoy multiple benefits.

Discounts for Kidzania titans

An obstacle course is offered in this fun city where kids with physical abilities and potential are exposed to various obstacles. From different types of climbing activities to problem-solving activities, everything is a part of KidZania titans. You can get discounts for these activities if you hold a citizenship certificate or the PaZZport. It will make your kids both mentally and physically strong. They will be able to endure physical hurdles effortlessly in their life.

Faster access to Kidzania facilities

In this fun city, the number of people participating in various activities is higher. With such higher demand and need getting access to these facilities becomes difficult. In such a case getting tickets for the city visit also becomes difficult. But with B.Kidzanian citizenship, you can get faster access to these facilities. It not only provides faster access, but you will also get discounts.

Discounts for products in Kidzania store

This fun city also has a product store where kids can buy their favorite stuff. The purpose of this store is not to waste your kids’ money. But it teaches kids how to earn money and manage it. Your children can earn money for participating in various tasks happening in the fun city. If they successfully complete the assigned tasks, they will be given a reward in the form of money for their efforts. With this money, your kids can buy merchandise at the KidZania store. The children who have citizenship will also get different discounts and offers at this store.

Get news and offers

In this fun city, the number of educational, learning, and entertainment activities are great in numbers. The addition of new activities and offers keeps adding and updating in this world of fun and entertainment. But the real question is how to know about these offers and discounts? Becoming a citizen of this fun city will help you get updates on the latest offers, news, and discounts.

Get B.Kidzanian citizenship today!

Before applying for citizenship, do visit this place for your own satisfaction and know the opportunities your kids can get. The learning opportunities your kids will be able to avail themselves in this city will compel you to become a Kidzanian forever. So, book your tickets today and visit this place to unveil the worders and opportunities.

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