Everything you need to know about warzone bunkers

If you look forward to the best tips for boosting your odds of obtaining that victory in a call of duty warzone, you have to start looking for bunkers hidden in the all-encompassing Verdansk. You might have warzone bunker codes, but you need to know other things about warzone bunker too.

While they have remained in the world of the game since its inception back in March of 2021, these are those mysterious vaults and they became available in the last months which indicates it’s exclusively now players have been capable of discovering their secrets and investigating them.

If you have remained confused regarding what is the purpose of bunkers and how you can enter them, here is all you need to know about the call of duty bunker warzone.

What are Warzone’s bunkers, and where can you find them?

Similar to Apex Legends and Fortnite, bunker warzones happen to be mysterious vaults that carry a wealth of lucrative loot, incorporating piles of cash that will enable you to choose even the most beneficial gear from the purchase stations. All in all, there are 11 bunkers and the maximum of which happened to be discovered towards the outer edges of the map.

The best thing highlights that most of them can be discovered close to the key locations of Verdansk. It indicates that you necessarily do not need to step out of your way to discover one. Simply keeping an eye out for horizontal yellow striped message Steel doors on them will do the work.

With that being stated, some are pretty easier to discover than others as not all remain out in the open. Other than that, some happened to be Bonafide hotspots that generally draw the attention of a number of players. Therefore, make sure to always watch out for hidden enemies inside or encompassing those regions of the map.

How can you open Warzone’s bunkers?

To open a bunker warzone, you are required to obtain a red access card. These read access cards spawn randomly and can be picked up early and organically while you loot and while there remains no one specific to guarantee to discover one.

Make sure to watch out for legendary crates as they happen to be spawning in one of those. You are also expected to discover them on the enemies and unlucky corpses and therefore do not be scared of engaging with your opponent players as it can just pay off literally.

Once you possess the red access card, make sure to check the map and move towards your nearest vault. In case it gets a green light make sure to use your card against keypads on the right side of your door. This will help you along with your squadmates to get access to the inside goodies.

Fortunately, there will be more players left within your lobby and there will be a higher chance of an enemy combatant nearby your camp that is likely to steal your red access card. Thus, you need to be sure that you happen to be cautious when you are approaching a war zone bunker and make sure to not be afraid to locate another or bug out if things seem fishy.

Though, among all of these things, there is an exception. Bunker 11 happens to be situated on the Northside of Verdansk. It is located northwest of the military base and demands a little extra effort to get access. However, you will be lucky and fortunate enough you have access to warzone bunker codes. Therefore, make sure to apply those and get closer to your goal.


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