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Evil Eye Gold Necklaces to Keep Negativity Away

It’s said that “the eye is the doorway into the soul” because it frequently displays our true emotions to others. However, the evil eye is just one that is cloaked in legend and mystery.

Think of a vacation to Greece or Turkey. An individual undoubtedly saw plenty of beads, amulets, as well as charms on them. But it’s this hypnotic sign that has crossed continents as well as cultures to become a global jewellery craze. Greek tradition defines an evil eye as a curse or a stare from someone envious of someone.

Putting an evil eye gold necklace around the person serves to ward off evil, giving one a sense of security and protecting one from negative energy.

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What Does Jewellery with an Evil Eye Mean?

An evil eye is viewed very seriously in societies around the world where belief in curses is still strong, despite its emergence as an extremely popular jewellery. One of mankind’s oldest and most enduring superstitions, the evil eye belief has been practised since the dawn of civilization.

Humans have sought the help of magical items known as talismans or amulets that aid individual’s life as well as protect them against the unknown at nearly every stage of history. Although the Mesopotamians were the first to document the symbol, it may have existed as early also as the Upper Palaeolithic period.

However, today, evil eye jewellery pieces like evil eye gold necklace, bracelets, anklets and rings have made a presence in the market. More and more people are seen wearing them. While their basic purpose was to keep evil away, today they have grown to become a style statement.

Ward Off Negative Forces with Evil Eye Jewellery

Black energy is a common term used by people when they talk about negative energy. This was also the reason that originated in the use of evil eye. But with the modernisation of the society, people are not completely captured by this term, however people can be vulnerable and might feel a need of help.

For those, wearing evil eye gold necklace or ring can be calming and assuring. Evil eye gold necklaces can be a great addition to your collection of jewellery which can serve as both stylish and act as a protective charm.

Evil Eye Necklace: Meanings of the Colours

As people discovered, an evil eye itself is a form of defence. Of course, the blue evil eye gold necklace is the most widely used colour. The colour blue stands for karma protection, tranquillity, and the desire for a wider worldview. The jewellery charm, however, comes in a variety of colours.

Some people who are unaware of the complete history can simply choose a hue based on their personal preferences since every colour holds a special significance.

  • Red Evil Eye: bravery, grit, increased vitality, and excitement.
  • Yellow Evil Eye: protection for health, relief from fatigue, a sharper mind, and a powerful sense of focus.
  • Orange Evil Eye: promotes devotion, boosts creativity, and protects personal happiness.
  • Green Evil Eye: contentment, flexibility to experiment with new ideas, equilibrium, and excellent health.
  • Transparent Evil Eye: provide Safeguard against the for one’s sanity, awareness, and clarity
  • Purple Evil Eye: Increased creativity, the removal of roadblocks in both romantic and interpersonal relationships, plus rebalancing of life.
  • Brown Evil Eye: link to nature and weather protection.
  • Black Evil Eye: Defence of personal strength and wealth; readiness for the unforeseen.
  • White Evil Eye: clarity and focus, removing impediments and clutter from the mind, a new beginning.
  • Black Evil Eye: Defence of personal strength and wealth; readiness for the unforeseen.

These symbols can be worn as pendants, chains, and evil eye gold necklaces, and have the same effect of keeping negativity at a distance. Because of the same inventiveness, people also have fashionable patterns that deflect negative energy. The simplest way to wear anti-evil eye protection while still looking chic and fashionable is with jewellery.

Safeguard Yourself Wearing Evil Eye Gold Necklace

With modern patterns, people can wear evil eye gold necklaces even if they don’t believe in its powers. Mia by Tanishq brings to you some of the most fashionable jewellery pieces for you to wear and enjoy on a daily basis.

Select a evil eye gold necklace from Mia by Tanishq and keep negative energies at bay!

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