Facebook Widget – Most Useful Tool To Boost Website Performance

Are you using Facebook to market your business? How about using it beyond the platform boundaries? We have a simple hack – Embed Facebook feed widget to your website. Read this blog till the end to know how to do it and why you should do it.

Facebook is considered the king of social media as it contains a huge customer base and provides great facilities to its users. It offers various mediums for individuals to express themselves and showcase their talent. At the same time, it provides a great platform for businesses to promote their products/brands and opportunities to compile a huge audience. 

With over a million users, you can imagine the amount of content that daily uploads on the network. How about using them to increase the visuals of your website. Sounds interesting, right? And this is where Facebook widgets jump in.

What are Facebook Widgets?

Facebook widgets are amazing tools that help you to display the Facebook feed on your website. Various tools provide you with a dedicated Facebook widget that showcases Facebook feeds without any hassle. These tools combine Facebook posts and present them as one unified presentation.

As mentioned above, many tools are available in the market that helps you to embed Facebook widget on your website. For your convenience, we have listed the 3 best tools that help in the embedding process and provide various other features to add more significance to this strategy.

Most High-Grade Tools To Embed Facebook Widget On Website

The list consists of the best tools that are currently available in the market. You can easily install them and operate them with ease. These descriptions will mention some of the major features of these tools that might help you attain your desired results.

1. Tagembed Widget

tagembed widget

Tagembed is a famous social media aggregator tool that helps you collect feeds from various social media platforms and then display them beautifully on your website. It provides a dedicated Facebook widget that you can embed on your website. The widget is compatible with all media types, whether photos, videos, or blogs; it streams them without any hassle.

The tool also provides you with a customization feature where you can easily personalize the widget as per your requirement. Here, you can change the font size, font style, background, and more to make the widget match your website’s style. It eventually helps you to make your website look graceful and professional.

Moreover, you can even monitor the feed on your website, which means it offers you the facility to filter out all the irrelevant posts from your website and maintain the quality of your website. You can either manually remove posts or opt for auto-moderation to hide all the posts containing provided keywords or content from a selected Facebook handle.

The tool is very easy to use, and with just 2 simple steps, you can embed the Facebook widget on your website. All you have to do is – Firstly, collect Facebook feeds using Tagembed. And finally, embed them on your website by copying and pasting the code. That is it, just two simple steps, and your website is ready to display Facebook feeds.

2. Elfsight


Elfsight is another popular social media aggregator that helps you collect Facebook feeds from your desired source and embeds them easily on the website. It is one the most trusted tools as it has a huge customer base, consisting of huge brands.

Like Tagembed, it is also compatible with showcasing all types of content without affecting the website’s speed. Along with that, it also allows you to customize and moderate the feed as per your need and add appeal to your website.

It is a coding-free tool, so even if you don’t have any coding knowledge or skill, you can still operate the tool like a pro. 



Another amazing tool to embed the Facebook widget on the website is With the help of this website, you can easily collect Facebook feeds and display them as cards on your website to increase the user engagement of your website.

It is very easy to use and provides great results. Moreover, it provides a personalization option where you can customize cards as per your need and add them to your website. In addition, it also provides the custom CSS feature, analytics, and more.

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Widget on Website: 

One question that might be troubling as you read about the Facebook widget is – How Facebook widgets can benefit your business website, right? We understand this concern, so here are some reasons that might encourage you to embed Facebook widget on your website.

1. Increases the vibrancy of your website –

We all know the impact of a beautiful website in the digital world. People consider websites as brand representatives, and hence a good-looking website might help you to attain more sales. With colorful and vibrant content from Facebook, you can increase the visuals of your website to make it vibrant.

2. Boosts engagement –

Facebook feeds provide great entertaining and pleasant content that holds visitors on the website and keeps them engaged.

3. Increase conversion rate –

Facebook feeds provide you a great opportunity to convert your potential customers into your customers. As you can showcase social proofs and reviews, you can win the trust of your visitors and target customers.


Facebook is known to provide great aids to business and business pages, but unfortunately, many of the services from Facebook are highly-priced and many businesses cannot afford it. Therefore marketers have started using Facebook widgets as they are economical and provide great results. So, try the tools mentioned above and enhance the performance of your website.

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