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Five Major Yoga Postures

To make the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and brain completely healthy and strong, five major yoga postures are described in Hatha Yoga. Common people should practice the following postures only after learning from a knowledgeable yoga teacher. By the way, these mudras are only for the seekers who want to achieve accomplishment by awakening Kundalini. These five major yoga postures are- 1. Khechari (for the mouth), 2. Bhuchari (for the nose), 3. Chanchari (for the eyes), 4. Agochari (for the ears), 5. Unmani (for the brain). The taste of Khechari is like nectar. By Bhuchari, unity is established in the air of life. The light of the eyes increases from Chanchari and there is Jyothi Darshan. Through Agochari, the inner sound is experienced and from Unmani one increases oneness with the Supreme Soul. By all of the above, restraint is established on the five senses. 

1. Khechari

For this, the meat fibre connecting the tongue and the palate is cut slowly, that is, for a day whole barley is cut and left. Then after three or four days, a little more is cut. In this way, biting bit by bit, the blood veins of that place make their place inwards. Along with biting the tongue, it is practiced daily to slowly pull it outwards.

By practicing this, the tongue becomes so long in a few months that if it is turned upside down, it closes the breathing holes from within. Due to this, the movement of breath is completely stopped at the time of Samadhi.

2. Bhuchari

Bhuchari mudra quenches many types of physical and mental afflictions. Through the practice of Kumbhaka, by bringing the Apana air into the heart place and mixing it with Prana, the mind becomes stable, and the possibility of rising above the contact of Prana through the Sushumna path.

3. Chanchari

First of all, the practice of fixing the vision four fingers ahead of the nose should be done. Then fix the vision at the nostrils, then practice to stabilize the vision at the equator. Due to this, the mind and life become stable and light is visible.


With all the senses in the sound within the body, the mind should be meditated with perfection and practice listening to the inner sound from the ear. This increases knowledge and memory and stabilizes the mind and senses.


By practicing the attachment of the mind with a complete concentration in the Sahastrar (which is the top of the head), the soul starts moving towards the Supreme Soul and the individual starts connecting with the consciousness of the universe.

Conclusion –

All human beings should start their morning with yoga, after which man makes his day good. We can do yoga according to our needs, due to which all the problems of human beings are removed. On the basis of which there are many types of yoga in which yoga has to be done in different forms. Every yoga has its own benefits and remedies which will prove to be very beneficial for us.

Yoga makes our life simple. We get many benefits from doing this yoga so that the child, elder and young can enjoy the benefits of it. People who have complaints about their body can remove all their complaints through this yoga.

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