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Future of Science and Technology in Top Asian Countries

Marvellous inventions of technology surround today’s world. Everything is living proof of the advancement of science and technology and the future of science is increasing, from kitchen gadgets to spaceships. The usual concept is that many of the wonderful technological inventions with great achievements in science have emerged from Asian countries. China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan together make an astonishing 90% of the digital gadgets in the entire world.

Asia is becoming gradually important for supplying digital content and services globally. Asian countries are contributing to the future of Science and Technology to a great extent. Let’s look at some developed Asian countries and their role in doing marvellous wonders and upgrading them globally in the field of Science and Technology.


If we talk about the origin of numerous technological inventions, China remains the top inventor of the best technologically advanced equipment. We take these industrial wonders for granted in this age; like an iron plough, water propellers or even rocket launchers, every invention is the proof of Chinese research and technological advances to automate processes. However, in recent decades Science and Technology innovations in China have decreased. Its European counterparts experienced more technological and scientific revolutions, giving them a competitive edge.

The Chinese government revealed its “ingenious innovation” campaign in 2006. This campaign aimed to make the country more upgraded. By 2020, it can bring a technological powerhouse that can help solve many of the country’s biggest issues. These issues include air pollution and inequality.

Through this campaign, the Chinese government succeeded to a great extent in achieving its goals. This campaign aims to precipitate “indigenous innovation” and reduce the nation’s reliance on the US and West. China tried its best to upgrade the country to reach the level or do more than other developed countries. China is also investing to a great extent in different technological industries.


Surprisingly, some experts of a dissertation writing service firm said that the technological supremacy of Japan is a thing of the past. Many reasons are there which contribute to this power shift. Japan’s focus has been on hardware development rather than software technology. However, nobody can deny that Japan has invested a lot in the future of Science and Technology.

Although Japan is facing such a decline in different tech sectors, analysts worldwide are predicting that Japan will get back on track because of the crowd of industries. Different companies are bucking the technological trend which Japan is aiming for. For example, the president of Panasonic is working hard on the implementation of wholesale changes to the company to make it competitive once more.


Located in Southeast Asia, India is the 3rd biggest player in technology. It is also the third biggest attractor of technological investments. One possible reason behind this much technological success in India is that CEOs of the world’s biggest companies are all Indians. Modern India is also paying a lot of attention to Science and Technology. The Indian government has realised that any country’s real economic growth lies in science and technology.

According to the Global Innovation Index 2020, India ranks 48th overall in science and technology innovation. It also ranks among the top 15 nations for its communication technology. It is because India has invested a lot in its space program. ISRO of India is regularly taking space missions to the space. This has provided a chance for India to take the leading role in space technology. Nowadays, India is also generating a lot of revenue by providing services to other countries through its space missions. India has also sent missions to explore the moon.

Since it is a technology-driven country, the tech experts of the country were 21,583 million US dollars in 2020. It’s a huge number and shows that India contributes a lot to science and technology.

South Korea

An Easy Asian country, South Korea, has been the tech leader for decades. This country has made it to the top innovative countries in a very shorter period of time. Until the first half of the 20th century, this county was an agrarian-based Japanese colony. South Korea has been ranked 2nd among the top 60 innovative nations. You can imagine how much South Korea is spending on research and development from the figure of its GDP. This country spends around 4.5% of the whole GDP on innovating itself.

South Korea’s high tech exports have been on the rise for the last decade. The tech exports of this country were 163987.14 million US dollars. It is a huge number; in fact, it is a very huge number in terms of investing in technology. Every one of you uses mobile phones in routine life. Samsung is the biggest player in this industry. Many of you might not have known that headquarter of Samsung is in South Korea. Yea, it is a Korean billion-dollar company. All the innovations in mobile design and chip and glass designs happen inside Korea. South Korea is a major player in manufacturing electronic devices, digital displays, and semiconductors.

Now, you must be thinking about how South Korea has become a global innovation leader in such a shorter period. The answer to this question is very simple. This is because Korea had a very high R&D budget from the day it gained independence. In 2020, South Korea alone had spent about 93 trillion South Korean won on R&D. So, you can say that future of science and technology is bright in this country.


Asian countries have contributed a lot to defining the future of Science and Technology. With the rapid growth in tech industries and marvellous inventions, humans can do anything. The countries mentioned above have contributed a lot to making our home a great place to live. The future of science and technology is also bright in these Asian countries.

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