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Garmin Connect Sync Failed Problem

Garmin Connect Sync Failed Problem: When it comes to having an app that is great for recording our single activity related to fitness or steps, only one app comes in the mind and that is Garmin connect. This particular company has been in the market for more than 20 years and is a trusted as well as a reliable app. But sometimes users find some common issues regarding this app, we all know that the technology that we world with today from time to time causes problems and might create major issues due to minor faults. Garmin connect sync failure is a well known and one of the basic issue that arises with this app and the users feels irritated but there is no need to worry!

The problem is really easy to solve and you can get it done by yourself, all you might be needing will be some basic guiding steps that could easily resolve the Garmin connect sync failed problem.


We have heard so much that users find it difficult to navigate their recorded content on their phones and find it difficult to solve the problem but no we are going to discuss how to solve this problem-

Some common pointers to remember before getting into the whole procedure:

Well, this is for everyone who faces any issue regarding the error of an app or other problems- always start first by restarting the phone or app or any devices that are related to the connection of the pairing devices.

So the best way to start the steps is to shut down the main device and then after some time restart it so that if there was any kind of glitch in the connection from the phone’s side we can get it resolved. Secondly, you need to be sure that minor steps are been followed like the Bluetooth is at an equal distance from the device.

Now one thing more you should consider to uninstall the app and then go to the app store and reinstall it.

Well the Nuvi device that comes with the Garmin Connect app, is the key where the problem arises as to the connectivity between the device and the app.

The message pops up of “Pairing Failed” comes up whenever there is a connectivity issue.

How to solve Garmin connect sync failed Problem

  1. You can just take your Nuvi device and retry the whole process of connecting the device to the app.
  2. The second option that you have is that you can simply go for a soft reset of your device, if you have done the soft rest feel free to again try the app to respond now. This might resolve the issue that is been arisen.
  3. Last but not the least, go for a Factory Reset: well in case none of the options is working then you will have to consider doing this. To reset the phone it is important that you shut down the device then, simultaneously press all the 3 buttons on your device is both volume buttons and the power button.
  • You will be able to see a whole reset menu, with the help of the volume keys you can move up and downwards easily, and with that go for the factory reset and select it.
  • Now you can again power on the device and will find that your issue of Garmin connect sync failed has been resolved.

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