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Get Wireless Ink Tank Printer under 10000

Wireless Ink Tank Printer Under 10000: Ink tank printing is an improvement over conventional computer printing in which ink droplets are projected on paper to create an image. It is the most commonly used printer which is a very successful invention of its own kind. Ranging from small inexpensive home usage to professional expensive ones, these printers are multi-usage with low cost and fast speed printing. So if you are looking for an inexpensive printer for daily usage, we here will tell you our four top picks of wireless ink-tank printers under 10000.

Wireless Ink tank printer under 10000

Let’s start with our number 4 Position wireless ink tank printer under 10000

4. Epson L130 Single-function (7500/-)

This printer is an ideal one for everyday home usage and also small offices can employ it. Let’s get on with its specifications –

  • Over 300 pages printing per month
  • Meager cost, great quality prints
  • Single functional printer, only printing allowed
  • Colored and grayscale printing
  • 27 grayscale and 15 color pages printing each minute
  • Supports multiple paper sizes
  • 7 paise per grayscale page
  • 18 paise per colored page
  • One bottle of each color free
  • 15000 pages print warranty

Though a single-function printer, this one is quite inexpensive and offers low price service. If you are only looking for a basic printer, this one is good for you.

3. HP 310 Color multifunction (9899/-)

This printer too is ideal for frequent house and small-scale office usage. This one is an improvement over the above one due to its multifunctional quality.

  • More than 8000 prints per fill
  • Low cost and high-quality print with multi-functions of print and scan
  • Colored and grayscale printing
  • 7 grayscale and 5 color pages per minute
  • 21 seconds per page to scan
  • 6 grayscale and 2 colored copies per minute
  • 10 paise per grayscale print
  • 20 paise per colored print
  • LCD display
  • Wireless

This printer is at its cost one of the best of its kind. This is a must-buy.

2. Canon Pixma G2000 (10,899)

Around 10000 rs and very inexpensive service provisions –

  • Color and black and white printing
  • Multifeatured with print, scan, and copy
  • 5 color pages per minute
  • 9 grayscale pages per minute
  • 19 seconds per page to scan
  • 8 paise per grayscale print
  • 21 paise per colored print
  • 7000 print pages yield

With a very high print and scan speed and very low printing cost, this printer deserves number one. Though because of a little high price, it is kept at two.

  1. Epson L3100 (10,699/-)

Epson L3100 is considered a very popular one for home and office usage. This is a quality upgrade over every other printer and offers print, scan, and copy at a price so low.

  • Colored and grayscale printing
  • 20 grayscale pages per minute
  • The yield of 7500 grayscale and 4500 coloring pages
  • 11-28 seconds per page scan
  • 7 paise per grayscale cost
  • 18 paise per colored page cost
  • Print, scan and copy multifunction printer

This printer is worth more than its cost. This printer is undoubtedly the champion of the list.

All these printers you would find at the cost around 10000 rs. Also, Amazon, Flipkart, and many other shopping sites keep offering discounts that will help you in getting them at prices even lower. Even at the mentioned prices, these printers are the best-buys.

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