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Gifts for Techies that they will Love

We all have that one geek in life who knew they wanted to be an engineer since always. And let’s confess how difficult it becomes before their birthdays to getting something they might actually like. It’s most difficult when you are dating an engineer. You want to gift something which would be romantic, at the same time match their taste. Trust me; I know your pain. Graduation parties are also challenging. My childhood best friend is an engineer. And every time he achieved something, his mother would call me up asking for gift ideas for engineers. I remember, when he graduated with his engineering diploma, his mother was proud and tensed equally. Then, I helped her out with best gifts for techies.

I am here to help you as well with some fantastic gift ideas to make your engineer feel special. 

Awesome Gifts For Techies

My first and foremost suggestion is to gift them something personal. Engineers might be busy, academic, and hard-working people. But, that doesn’t say they aren’t emotional beings. In my experience, most engineers are private, sentimental people. Even though they feel as much as you and I, they struggle to express themselves. So, gift them something that reminds the time they spent with you. Last year, I gave my best friend a collage of our childhood photos. He was in tears when he saw it. If your engineer is your romantic partner, go for something like photos of your first outing or with something that reminds him about your relationship.  

Engineers are massive fans of comic books. Remember the geeks of The Big Bang Theory? Yes, I am talking about Sheldon and his friends. While Sheldon and Leonard were physicists, the other two were engineers. And they loved comics. I think real-life engineers are pretty similar characters to them. My best friend has a collection of action figures which is literally the Star Wars Galaxy. It was his childhood dream, which he could bring to reality once he started earning. So, why not gift an action figure from their favorite comics or movies? Trust me on this. They would love it.   

Talking about comics, at present, most comics readers are fans of manga. Basically, mangas are comics or graphic novels written in Japan. You might have heard about Death Note or Naruto or must have seen memes related to them. Well, many engineers are diehard fans of manga and watch it daily. Try to know your engineers streaming history on Netflix. Once you know the name of their favorite manga, gift them an all-in-one edition of Death Note or Naruto or whatever their favorite is. They will love the gift and wouldn’t stop speaking about it for at least a few months.  

It’s no secret that engineers are nerds. And with all the movies and series featuring nerds, they are kind of the new sexy. Well, my point is most nerdy engineers are fans of sci-fi movies and novels. I suggest you buy DVDs of sci-fi movies. Even though movies are just a click away, old-fashioned DVDs are kind of sweet. You can also gift them sci-fi and fantasy novels.   

My next gift idea for engineers is posters and coffee mugs. See, I understand posters seem pretty ordinary. But try gifting engineers the prints of the original posters of their favorite movies and comics. They will go gaga over it. You can also give them coffee mugs with a famous dialogue, or quotation said by their favorite characters. I think coffee mugs can also be included within something personal. You can get photos or signatures printed on the coffee mugs. 

My next gift idea is weatherproof notebooks. If your engineer is already working, he might be away most of the time working indoor and outdoor in all kinds of weather. For engineers who travel a lot, I recommend gifting them weatherproof notebooks. It’s an easy, readymade, affordable gift. It’s best to give your engineer friends. 

Techies are problem-solvers. Be it a math problem or technical glitch at work; they are at their best while solving problems. I recommend you to gift puzzles for the curious minds in your life. If your engineer is at college, it’s the best time to gift them puzzles. You can go for puzzles with themes that go with their taste. For example, if they are an art lover, go for Vincent Van Gogh Jigsaw Puzzles, but if they more into comics, go for Star wars themed puzzles. These are just examples. My point is, puzzles are awesome gifts for techies and if you mix it with theme they like, it gets even better.  

My next gift idea for engineers is a replica of space shuttles. Remember Ross in Friends offered Chandler to give Monica the replica of Apollo Eight? Yup. Even if it wasn’t suitable for Monica, it’s perfect for your engineer. They would love you more than ever if you gave them a replica of their favorite space shuttle. It might sound odd, but this is actually an easy yet interesting gift idea. Space shuttles’ replicas are easily available on the internet and in gift stores. So, if you aren’t finding anything suitable for your geeky buddy, order a replica for them. 

My next idea is something that you can do with your engineer friend. I recommend this for best friends and couples. After all, who doesn’t love to spend their special day with their loved ones doing something they like? I guess nobody. You can buy tickets for a tour of their favorite museums and planetariums. Remember how Ross proposed Rachel in Friends? Yes, planetariums can be romantic. You can also take them to seminars and conferences where their favorite scientist is coming. For one thing, I know for sure is that my best friend would do anything to see Stephan Hawkins if he was alive.  

My last idea is a simple one. You can take a t-shirt (preferably their favorite color) and custom prints their favorite action figures, space shuttles, scientists, formula, etc. I bet it will make perfect gifts for techies.


To conclude, go with any of the above ideas that resonate with your relationship with the techie in your life. Try to keep it simple and to the point. Don’t worry too much. Remember, emotions matter more than gifts. Your techie will love you anyway. 

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