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7 healthy summer cooling drinks homemade

Summer cooling drinks are important in today’s sweltering hot weather. Because the hot summer weather makes the body tired and dehydrated, it is easy to cause weakness, even fainting. In particular, if you have to work outdoors, you need to pay special attention to anti-heat solutions to balance your body temperature, protect your health, and even your life.

Sugarcane juice, lemon juice, green tea, cassava … are drinks that experts recommend drinking in the summer because not only cool the body but also helps to beautify the skin, strengthen the body’s resistance. Let’s take a look at some effective summer cooling drinks and how to do it through the article below.

1. Aloe vera juice with alum sugar to cool down in the summer

Aloe vera, also known as aloe, is a plant that many families grow today. Not only has the effect of brightening skin, smoothing hair, anti-bacterial, and healing skin wounds, aloe vera is also known as one of the best cooling drinks for the summer.

According to research, aloe vera juice contains a large number of nutrients, which help enhance the performance of organs in the body, especially the kidneys and liver. These are two organs that perform the function of filtering blood and promoting the excretory system of the body. Therefore, on hot summer days, the body loses a lot of water, drinking aloe vera juice daily will keep the kidneys and liver healthy, helping the body to have enough energy to “fight” the long day.

To make aloe vera juice, you need to prepare a sufficient amount of aloe vera meat, then soak them in dilute salt water for about 1-2 hours, then take them out, cut them into bite-sized pieces. Pour a sufficient amount of filtered water into the pot and bring to a boil. When the water boils, add a little rock sugar and stir until dissolved. Next, add the aloe vera meat and cook for about 3-5 minutes, then turn off the heat. Put the aloe vera juice you have just collected into a cup and drink during the day.

2. Watermelon juice cools down the hot season

Watermelon is known to be a familiar cooling fruit in the summer. According to experts, watermelon contains many electrolytes, which function to help the heart and nervous system function normally. At the same time, this is a fruit that contains a lot of water, vitamins, and minerals to help clear body heat effectively on hot summer days.

How to make watermelon juice is relatively simple, you just need to peel and cut the melon into small pieces. Then, put the pieces of melon into the blender and proceed to puree it to enjoy this delicious and nutritious cooling drink.

In addition, experts also said that watermelon rind also has a very good effect in clearing heat and detoxifying. Therefore, you can also wash the peel, cut it into thin pieces, dry it and cook it as a daily drink. This is an easy-to-make summer cooling drink that you can take anywhere you want to work,…

3. Tomato juice – Summer refreshing drink

Tomatoes contain a large amount of vitamins A, C, and lycopene … have the effect of enhancing resistance, are anti-oxidant, and are also a refreshing drink, effective and safe today.

You just need to buy tomatoes. Then wash them under the tap a few times to dry on a towel to dry. Next, remove the stem and cut the tomatoes into quarters, and put them in the blender. Strain the tomato puree through a sieve. Then use a spoon to press the tomato flesh to get rid of the juice, and enjoy this cool and nutritious juice.

4. Fresh lemon juice purifies the body in summer

A very good summer cooling drink, simple to make and extremely economical is fresh lemonade.

For a long time, fresh lemon has been used to clear body heat. Rich in abundant potassium content to help stimulate the activity of the brain and nervous system. At the same time, drinking lemon water also helps keep blood pressure at a stable level. It helps the digestive system work well, eliminates toxins, and effectively cleanses the body.

5. Dragon fruit juice helps with summer dehydration

Dragon fruit is a fruit with a lot of water, rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, and essential minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium…  it’s very suitable for use in this hot summer.

Ingredients to prepare: 1 ripe red flesh dragon fruit, 100ml granulated sugar water, 30ml alum sugar water, 10ml syrup, 10ml hibiscus, 5ml white Barcadi, ice cubes


Step 1: Peel the dragon fruit, cut it into small pieces and soak in 100ml sugar water for 30 minutes

Step 2: After marinating, put the dragon fruit into the juicer and proceed to squeeze the juice. Then filter through a sieve to remove the residue and seeds

Step 3: Take the filtered dragon fruit juice and add 30ml of alum sugar water, syrup, vinegar syrup, white Barcadi wine and ice cubes, then shake. Now, you can enjoy this delicious and refreshing summer drink.

Above are suggestions for 5 good summer cooling drinks today that you can refer to. In addition to the drinks mentioned above, you should also provide the necessary amount of filtered water for the body. To limit dehydration and strengthen the body’s immune system. Wish you health!

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