How Can I Promote My Business in China?

China is the second-largest economy in the world. It has made progress in very little time, and its progress is exemplary for the world. Therefore, many entrepreneurs want to do business with China and want to expand business there. 

China has a lucrative market of 1.38 billion potential customers. With the emergence of the growing middle class and love of Western products and services, China is the best market for entrepreneurs that want to explore new business opportunities. 

It is not an easy task to enter such a massive market. But you can make your entry easy with the help of advertising. 

The advertising becomes compelling for customers if it is provided to them in their native language. So, when entering the Chinese markets, you must take the assistance of advertising translation services.

How Advertising Helps in Reaching a Large Audience

In old times, companies used to advertise through billboards and TV commercials but now due to digitalization, people prefer to advertise everything on the internet.

 When entering the Chinese market, many entrepreneurs have to compete with local brands. Therefore, to make people aware of their brand, they need to develop an advertising strategy for the business. 

Digital advertising enables businesses to reach out to a large number of audiences in a few seconds. People can differentiate your products and services from the range of different products and services and can make a rational purchasing decision.

Consumer behavior keeps on changing because of varying tastes and preferences. Advertising according to customers’ needs and demands sets the market trends. 

So, advertising plays an important role in creating awareness about your products and services among the masses. If you want to advertise in China, then you must take the assistance of a Chinese translation company

The advantage of the China translation agency is that they know the advertising regulations in China and provide you with seamless certified Chinese translation services.

Advertising is not only beneficial for a new business but if you have already established  business then advertising services will help you in reaching new market segments that have not been penetrated before.

For instance, if your customer is looking for home décor ideas but does not want to buy anything. At that point, the main purpose of advertising is not to make sales, but to create awareness about the products so that customers can buy them whenever they want.

 Advertising in China

It is important to adhere to the advertising rules and regulations in China. To save the rights of consumers, a new advertising law was introduced on 1st September 2015. It levied strict controls on advertising which are design to display products and services in China.

The Misleading Advertising

The advertising law restricts incorrect and misleading advertisements. The advertisement that shows products and services that are not present and if products and services exist, the incorrect and misleading advertisement that aggregates the origin, function, quality, ingredients, and the price is consider incorrect and misleading advertising.

The advertising law states that the superlatives like the best and the most should not be use in any advertisement. 

After this law was pass, the Chinese electronic company Xiaomi and the fourth-largest cell phone industry were investigated by the Beijing Ministry of Industry and Commerce because they use superlative words such as the best and the most in their advertisements on the website.

At displaying this information, it is expect that they would be facing a fine minimum of $20,000.

Digital Advertising

The advertisement on the internet should not intervene in the normal use of the internet. The pop-ups when appearing on the internet should be closed with only one click.

In email marketing, when advertisements are sent to potential customers, the identity of the sender should be disclose. Moreover, the receiver should have the option of rejecting the emails if they don’t want to receive them.

Comparative Advertising

Comparative advertising is only allow in China if there is no direct competitor. Moreover, marketing managers should avoid making comparisons with specifically named products and services in the advertisements. Comparative advertising should abide by other advertising laws.

Product Recommendation

Many celebrities worked in advertisements to endorse certain products and services. If the product endorsement contains false claims and breaches the new advertisement laws, then the celebrity that is aware of false information will be ban for three years.

On the other hand, in the case of products relate to health and life, whether the celebrity knows about the product or not, the endorser will be consider guilty.

The other important thing to note is that no one can endorse a product if he or she has not used the product. 

Moreover, children under the age of 10 cannot endorse any product. Endorsements are not use for medicines and medicinal devices. Additionally, foods that claim health benefits for life.

Use of Children in Advertisements

Children under the age of 10 cannot be use in advertisements. Therefore, no advertisement activity should be done in primary and middle schools and Kindergarten. Moreover, all advertisements are forbid in textbooks, school uniforms, and school buses.

Advertisement Regarding Specific Industries

The tobacco advertising law was revise in 2015. It prohibits the use of such advertisements in public places, outdoors, and in media. Moreover, it also prohibits the advertisement of tobacco for minors.

The government of China wants to promote breastfeeding in China. For this, the law is alter to guide companies on how they can advertise baby formula.  

Strict laws are formulate for advertisements in medical devices, health food, medicines, real estate, and investment products.

Use of the State Name

The advertisement law prohibits the use of the national flag and national anthem. Moreover, it also restricts the use of the image or name of any public institute. The law about advertising also restricts such ads that can affect the dignity of the country. 

Moreover, which are against the national interests. Any advertisement which is against social and national law is also prohibite. 

Therefore, it is very important to consider the regional and cultural nuances while advertising in China. Considering the cultural and regional nuances is always appreciate by the Chinese people.


If an advertisement is found false and misleading, then the commerce administration can stop it from publishing.

If it is publish then it takes the step to mitigate the false impact and levies fines up to 200,000 RMB and 1,000,000 RMB.Moreover, your advertising license can be canceled if you don’t abide by the Chinese advertising rules and regulations.

Residential Advertising

You cannot distribute the hard copy of the customer’s car or house without the permission of the recipient.

Wrapping Up

If you want to market your products and services to the Chinese market, then you should give attention to the details of Chinese advertising regulations. 

Advertising agencies must take into assistance digital and comparative advertising laws and other laws addressing certain products and services.  You should consider advertising rules in your marketing strategy.  

If these rules are not follow, then it will affect the growth of your business.  As a foreign entrepreneur, you can understand Chinese advertising rules and regulations if you go for advertising translation services. For this, you must hire a professional Chinese translation company.

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