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How Can You Have An Organized Lash Day?

On busy days, the eyelash extension salon can be a complete insane asylum. All you will see is technicians hustling from one corner to other, restocking products, attending clients and racing to finish it all in time. Sometimes it almost feels impossible to believe that the lash artist comes out of the situation sane. There are several tips to incorporate into the business to not feel overwhelmed on your tough days and have the salon run a lot smoother. This will keep you and your clients happy. 

One such thing that will help you stay organized and at the top of your game is a lash palette. Believe it or not, it is one key to running a successful lash salon. The more organized you are, the more clients you can attend in one day and therefore generate more revenue for the business. Clients appreciate you being ready to go as soon as they walk in. Lash extensions Knoxville Tn functions in an organized manner.

In case, any lash artist is missing out for your perfect eyelash extension, we are here with strategies to help them get through a busy day.

Confirm all your client’s eyelash extension appointment the day before –  

Having a piece of confirmed information as to who will be coming to the salon on the next day is vital for the business. If the client books an appointment a month ago, they may perhaps not even remember they have an appointment coming up. Hence, it is important to call them and remind them of their appointment. 

If they wish to reschedule they can do it there and then. So, if the client does not show on the day of the appointment, it negatively affects the business and lowers the morale of the artists, rendering the day unproductive. If you are certain as to who all are attending their appointments, you as an artist can prepare their lash sizes ahead of time for classic lashes. The business can set up a reminder message service that will make you look professional and organized. If your capacity permits you to attend walk-in clients, that is a good way of getting new customers.

Make it a point to check your stock – 

Checking the stock now and then may sound like a tedious job, but it is the biggest contributor to salon panic situations. If the client wants to purchase an item from you and it is unavailable at that moment, it is their loss. But, imagine you as a professional go around looking for it and coming back empty-handed. Isn’t that going to look unprofessional? Yes, it will. If your business does both classic eyelash extensions and eyebrow lamination, have all the tools and types of equipment ready for your services. A weekly check of stocks is a perfect thing to do. Another way to make the salon functioning easily is to limit the number of suppliers. This will make the re-ordering process smoother. 

Your race is with the clock, beat it –

Once your lash extension game is on point and your client has understood how eyelash extension makes their life easy, it is a no-brainer they will come back to get the same style done. This is why we urge lash artists to make notes during every appointment. It comes in handy when the artist knows the same customer is coming back for a refill or a fresh set. You as a professional can keep the lash tray ready and save time. No client wants to wait on their chair watching you do the back-end chore in front of them. In this way, you can accommodate more appointments in a day than usual. The lash trays can be prepared well in advance to reduce the pressure built-up on busy days. Look for a safe, dust-free space for your lash trays. We promise they will be your savour. 

Whether you are attending a new client or a returning one, all appointments begin with a consultation of a new customer and follow-up with the returning ones. The most important things related to your lashing day are discussed here. This is when the client needs to share details like the lash length, curl, diameter and thickness they wish to get. Once the consultation is over and an appointment has been booked, the lash artist should not waste any time in getting started to prepare the lash kit for the client’s big day, even though that may be scheduled 2-3 days later. This will keep the lash artist from fumbling around during the appointment.

One of the best ways to do this activity is by the lash palette. The majority of lash salons do this. To stand out, we recommend using labeled lash palettes. This is how eyelash extension Knoxville Tn salon give their clients the feel of exceptional customer service.  For quick and easy access, designate a separate lash palette for each of the common curls and diameters and label them. Arranging them vertically from the longest to shortest. In this way, you can reduce the probability of getting confused. It will keep you more attentive and let you have an engaging conversation with your client. Arranging your classic lashes in this fashion makes you look much more professional and organized. This will efficiently and quickly finish appointments one after the other. 

If you reside in Knoxville and are not happy with the lash service, try looking up ‘eyelash extension near me’ and have your brows and lashes party-ready at all times.

Final words –

Making use of the above-discussed tips will keep your business running smoothly and allow you to have an organized lash day, every day. This will give you a flow and transition between appointments. Now don’t be afraid to take back to back appointments. You got this! 

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