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How do I know if my phone screen is broken?

One day, even the most talented among us have already experienced that moment. When our smart phone accidentally falls out of our hand. and crashes directly into the ground! What an accident! Panic, you pick it up quickly, and at first glance it looks like the smartphone hasn’t taken too much damage. After a few manipulations, you “happily” notice that everything works. at least for the moment!

Indeed, the question can quickly arise. What if the LCD screen had suffered damage that could worsen or if the touch screen was not damaged? How to recognize a broken screen even if it doesn’t look like it? In fact, a broken phone screen doesn’t always result in a crack or shattered glass. Although the latter does represent the majority of cases. It often happens that a broken phone screen after a download cannot be diagnosed immediately. The consequences do not appear until some time later or even a few days: screen flickering, screen skipping, screen flickering. Dead pixels lit on the screen, no screen, locked screen. In short,

So you don’t get caught off guard when you need your phone the most, the technicians at Maya Parts have made sure to compile some ideas for you in this article for identifying a bad screen turning into a broken screen. which at first does not manifest itself!

A completely broken glass and an LCD screen.

If the touch screen after a fall is completely broken, or the LCD screen shows a serious malfunction in these cases, it is no longer a matter of looking for a long time, it is in fact a broken screen! You will definitely need to change the whole block. It is true that a broken screen is not very pretty, but it can wait. or not! The problem is not only aesthetic, but the situation can (very) quickly degenerate and cause you problems! Go to a phone repair shop to have your damaged phone screen, touchscreen, or entire device replaced. In fact, on some phone models, the LCD screen and the touch screen are in one device. This implies, in the event of a broken screen malfunction or a malfunction of one of the 2 elements, to completely change the display device.

An invisible evil with short or medium term consequences

Although your smartphone has hit the ground hard, it may not appear to be badly damaged. A broken phone screen can work very well at first as the damage can sometimes be invisible. The touchscreen may be affected but shows no signs of cracking. In this case, you have to be careful because there are often very few visible or even invisible microfractures found on the touch screen. Thus, in the absolute majority of cases, these microcracks will spread over time. Weakening the touch screen or preventing it from functioning correctly. This situation inevitably leads to making the touchscreen completely inactive and involves modifying it as you effectively have a broken screen.

It might happen that when you notice that your screen has no visible damage, so you don’t feel the urge to change it even thinking away from yourself about having your phone screen broken. However, the risk is there for the internal components. A crack or a dent, the door is open to dust, small debris, water and sometimes even sweat from the fingers. A faulty touchscreen can also appear as areas of the screen that are unresponsive when you touch it. Finally, if it is broken, do not wait for it to be replaced, you may injure yourself with the pieces of glass.

The screen may also have some damage which is not visible at the time. For example, it is often a few days after a fall that the screen begins to show more or less serious malfunctions. In the image below, you can see an iPhone screen with a fault at the top of the screen caused by a drop.

Another classic case after a fall is the appearance of dark spots on the screen, which clearly indicates a problem on the LCD screen, again it is a broken screen without appearing to be. This symptom clearly indicates that your phone’s LCD screen needs to be replaced.

There are also vertical lines or screen defects that may suddenly reappear a few days after a fall and necessarily involve going through the broken phone screen repair box.

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Leave your phone’s damaged screen repair to a professional!

You may be able to use your phone more or less, even with a broken screen. But in fact, the cracks can probably cause internal damage to your phone. The speakers can also be damaged from the fall, the buttons are weakened… Even if you have solved the problems associated with your broken screen, it can be very annoying in the long run. Among other things, a damaged phone screen will inevitably change the screen. If only by making your messages less readable. For example due to certain dark areas displayed on the screen.

The touch screen may also have a harder time operating normally, especially in the most damaged area. This can be a whole lot of the screen. That you can no longer actually use and that prevents some applications from working normally. And as the days go by, you may find it more and more difficult to unlock your phone with a broken screen! And then the worst, when the fateful moment comes when you are no longer able to unlock your phone and risk losing all your unsaved data… For all these reasons, we recommend that you repair your phone. Broken phone screen!

Some will tell you that you can repair your broken screen yourself. A good tutorial and the right part, and voila. However, we do not recommend that you embark on the adventure because the task is difficult. And the risk of doing your the phone completely useless is loud. There is a good chance that it will no longer harm your phone!


In any case, if you have questions or unexplained problems with your monitor after a crash. Do not hesitate to go to an experienced repairman for advice. Choose a repairman who always offers a warranty on your intervention for a damaged screen, as is perfectly the case with Corner Mobile. In the store, the repair can take less than an hour depending on the condition of your smartphone.

Finally, at Maya Parts, we have the experience and tools to repair your smartphone. No matter what model and the problems encountered, and all this in full security. Broken phone screen, battery-related problems, malfunctions on the buttons, network problems. We are used to to manipulate and repair all kinds of devices, therefore we offer as always the most competitive prices!

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