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How do we increase the views of YouTube short videos?

If you do proper work on your YouTube short videos, then only views will come on your videos. If you are not getting views on your YouTube short, then what should you do about it. So you follow all my below given tips. If you want to make your youtube short video famous and get views on it.


  • Trending Topic:- You should always make videos on such topics, which are viral on YouTube every day. So you should also make short videos on the same topic. Due to which your video also starts going viral, after that you also become famous like other YouTubers. Because always people like to watch videos on trending topics only.
  • Work on a niche:- We should always work on a low on social media. Because there are some people, who keep on making videos on MultiNeh. Like sometimes on poetry, sometimes on songs, sometimes on memes, sometimes on comedy, etc. Like making videos, but always we should work on the same niche. We should put the same type of videos every day because they will build an audience of yours. Which will get more views on your video.
  • Proper SEO:- Make the title of your short video absolutely unique and attractive. Apart from this, tell a little about your video in its description. Use trending and popular hashtags.

What are the features of YouTube Short Videos?

Now I will tell you about the feature of the YouTube short video. Features like Tiktok are not yet seen on YouTube short videos. Because YouTube just launched YouTube Short in beta testing version. YouTube is slowly adding a lot of features to it.


  • Short Video:- We can post videos on youtube short only for 0-15 seconds. Because videos of people on youtube shorts quickly become viral.
  • Music:-You can also make your YouTube short video and put a song in it. If you want to add a song, then click on the music icon on YouTube and put the song. In this you will find all Hollywood and Bollywood songs, you can make your short video very interesting by applying song.
  • Video Speed:- I like these features of YouTube Shorts the best. Because with its help you can increase or decrease the speed of your video. This is a very useful feature in YouTube short videos.

Can we put a short video of another creator on our YouTube channel?

This question remains in the mind of many people, whether we can put a short video of another creator on our YouTube channel on our channel or not. I want to tell you whose video you are copying and putting on your channel. If he does not have any problem with uploading your video, then you can put the video of other creators on your channel. Only the owner of the video can give you the copyright. 

If you copy someone’s video and put it on your channel, then Buy YouTube Views India does not have any problem with it. This is a legal way. If you use it, then you can copy someone’s video and upload it to your YouTube channel. That way is that the video you are copying will have to give credit in the title, description, and video of your video.


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