How does Chemistry tell Fundamental Concepts of Chemicals?

How does Chemistry tell fundamental concepts of chemicals?

Planning to join online tuition for Chemistry to know how chemistry tells us the fundamental concepts of chemicals? Do you find it interesting to learn about chemicals and how they are related to our everyday life? Are you looking for an online chemistry home tutor who could explain all this? Your search ends here as in this article we are going to answer all the three questions we just discussed. So, let’s get started.

How does Chemistry tell us the Fundamental Concepts of Chemicals?

Did you know, the human being himself is a chemical creation and all his actions are also controlled by chemicals? Chemistry is something that happens every day in your life in some or another way. Our life is so much influenced by it that we don’t even realize how we stumble across chemicals at every step.

If you have already joined online home tuition for Chemistry, your chemistry tutor will explain the same to you in detail. However, for now, let’s have a look at our everyday activities and precisely discuss how chemicals are involved in them.

1. Food and the Application of Chemistry

When you cook food, it gets changed into a new form. That’s where chemistry is involved. Not just that, every process starting from how different ingredients interact while you cook food to how your body utilizes the food that you eat involves chemistry in it.

Rotting of food, preservation of food, etc. is also the application of chemistry itself. Your online chemistry tutor will dedicatedly cover these applications of chemistry. We are just trying to give some hints to make learning easier for you and tutoring easier for your tutor for chemistry.

Coming to the chemicals, there are several purposes for which we add chemicals to our food. Some of these purposes are the preservation of food, enhancing the nutritive value of food, and augmenting their appeal. Some of the food additives that contain chemicals are:

i. Preservatives (sugar, table salt, sodium benzoate/ C6H5COONa, vegetable oils, salts of propanoic acid & sorbic acid, etc.)
ii. Food colors
iii. Fat emulsifiers & stabilizing agents
iv. Flavours & sweeteners (Ex. – Ortho-Sulphobenzimide/saccharin)
v. Antioxidants
vi. Nutritional supplements such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals
vii. Flour improvers like bleaches & antistaling agents

Your tutor for chemistry will tell you which types of chemicals are present in what type of food. If you are eager to learn and can’t wait for your chemistry online tutor to explain to you, you can even google it.

2. Agriculture and the Application of Chemistry

Chemicals play a great role in agriculture as well. Chemistry in agriculture is also covered by your chemistry home tutor in your online tuition for Chemistry. Some of the applications of chemistry in agriculture are:

i. Use of inorganic fertilizers to restore the soil fertility
ii. Use of pesticides to protect the crop from pests and preserve the stored grains from pests, mice, and rats
iii. Creation of genetically modified seeds to improve production
iv. Use of PolyUrethanes Foam (PUF) for refrigeration of vegetables and raw meat in cold storage

3. Cosmetics and the Application of Chemistry

The cosmetics that you use to improve your skin or look more beautiful contain several chemicals that may be good or bad for your health. Lip balms and lipsticks that you use to nurture your lips comprise beeswax, oils, and perfumes. Similarly, the nail paints that are made of lacquer, contain perfumes, plasticizers, polymers, colorants, and polymers.

The mascaras that you use are composed of a volatile solvent, filmifying polymers, beeswax, and pigments (iron oxide). The “chemistry in cosmetics” sessions in your online home tuition for Chemistry are very interesting. Your chemistry tutor tells you about how different makeup products contain different chemicals and how they impact your health.

4. Cleaning and the Application of Chemistry

The soaps and detergents that you use daily are composed of chemicals. For instance, the soaps are mainly the potassium or sodium salts of fatty acids like palmitic, oleic, and stearic acids.

The chemicals present in the soap or detergents enhance the cleansing properties of water. Your chemistry home tutoring in your online tuition for Chemistry will explain to you the processes of how soaps and detergents are made.

5. Medicine and the Application of Chemistry

Chemistry and medicine go hand in hand. You create medicine by chemical reactions and when any medicine is created chemical reactions take place. Chemistry is used in the field of medicine for both treatment and diagnostic purposes. It is the chemistry department in the hospital medical labs that analyses blood, stool, urine, etc.

They find out the levels of sugar, protein, and other substances in your body. How blood analysis checks the levels of sodium and potassium in our blood will also be covered by your online chemistry tutor in your home tuition for Chemistry.


When you will learn chemistry thoroughly under the guidance of a chemistry tutor in your home tuition for Chemistry, you will know how vast the subject is. Chemistry is not all about the chemical reactions that are performed in laboratories. It is rather something that you come across every day in your life.

So, learning the subject will help you understand the complex processes behind things that look simple otherwise. You will be able to figure out what chemicals are useful and what are harmful. In short, you will be able to use the right products.

The best part is several online tutoring platforms provide physics and maths tutor also apart from the chemistry home tutor. Mostly, when we pick subjects, chemistry is either accompanied by Physics or Maths or Biology. So, when you join a good online tuition platform, you can rest assured about your preparation for other subjects also.

You can get tuition for other subjects as well from the same platform. As far as your online chemistry tutor is concerned, he will cover all that is in your syllabus. Furthermore, most online tuitions also help you prepare for online examinations, just in case you are aspiring for any.

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