How Long Does it Take for New Phone Prices to Drop?


Each and everyone has their eyes on the newest mobile phone that launches in the market. But the issue with buying the newest mobile phone is the price. As the price is the highest because of its new launch. So what are the ways that you can buy the phone for a less price? How much time approx will it take for new phone prices to drop?

Well, technically the price of a new phone will drop eventually after some months. It has been launched but there are other ways that you can still get the new phone. After a while for a comparatively very lesser price yet the same features they offer as a smartphone.

Why are you can keep on having a look at the price range according to the market? That change is literally every day and makes your purchase when you feel the time is right. Also, there are many other ways that you can try to buy a mobile that will also fit your budget.

Price of previous models

A little research can always be good to know more about the things you are searching for. While you take a look and try to analyse for new phone prices to drop. You can always look into the history of its previous models and the time it launched and the current prices of it. You can simply analyse the launch timespan and the price drop. From the current time two ways back when it had first come in the market.

This will give you a rough idea about the new phone that is going to be launched. And how the price can be affected after a little time. However, the price drop and price launch completely differ from brand to brand. As well as from model to model in each brand so it can sometimes be difficult to guess about the price ranges.

Best ways to get the phone of your choice at a budget-friendly price

If buying a new mobile phone is not completely on your list but you still want to get it. You can try the below-mentioned steps, which can help you get the smartphone of your choice and save up a little on the price factor.

  1. Buy used phones

Buying used mobile phones might seem not like something very fancy. But do you know that there are so many benefits of buying an old mobile phone? You can simply get the mobile phone of your choice of any brand or model. At a very budget-friendly price when you’re aiming to buy used phones. And the very interesting fact is that nothing changes in a second-hand mobile phone. As it is just filled with features as a new mobile phone. And the only difference is that someone has already used it before you for a while.

This won’t make a huge difference to the mobile phone. However, not everyone looks forward to buy used phones as some are only buying new mobile phones. Whoever is aiming for a budget-friendly purchase can always go for using mobile phones of their choice. Which will always save a lot of money and also give you the experience of using the mobile phone of your favourite brand.

  1. Buy refurbished phones

Refurbished mobile phones are the best when you are looking forward to buying a new mobile phone. Refurbished mobile phones are partially new mobile phones. As they have not been used for longer than a couple of days by their first user and so they form a whole new category called refurbished mobile phones. As they cannot be termed as used or secondhand mobile phones. These mobile phones that are refurbished mobile phones come with a lot of benefits that you can’t even imagine just as a brand-new mobile phone.

Refurbished mobile phones always come with original accessories and original packaging. Refurbished mobile phones also have valid warranty status which can be used while you use the phone. The best part is even after getting so many benefits you still have to pay a lesser price than compared to a new mobile phone. Refurbished mobile phones are priced at a lower cost than the new mobile phones.

  1. Pre-order before the launch

if you’re aiming to buy a new mobile phone and do not want to compromise with buying secondhand or refurbished mobile phones. You can always do something such as booking your mobile phone before even it is launched officially in the market. Brands of smartphones normally release the specifications of the mobile phone. And all the details online before sending it physically to the market.

You can have a look at the mobile phone on the internet through their official website of whatever brand it belongs to. You will definitely find a way to pre-book this mobile phone. This may have some benefits than buying it after its launch. Some brands offer cashback offers when you pre-book the mobile phone or some brands. Also, offer free accessories or warranties or some discounts whatever is suitable according to them. So if you are planning to book a very new mobile phone then pre-booking is what you must look up to.

  1. Wait for some months After the launch

Everyone wants to buy a new mobile phone when it is launched in the market. But buying a mobile phone just after its launch can be a costly deal. Whenever you’re aiming to buy a mobile phone and want to buy it at a friendly budget level the one thing you can do is keep some patience and wait for some months till after its launch. After a certain period of time or months, the price of the brand-new mobile phone will eventually be reduced to some extent as it will be there in the market for a while and after that. The price will reduce at least to some level. Keeping patience will help you to save some money in your pocket and also get you your favourite mobile phone at the lowest price


The very first thing that a customer decides or looks up to while purchasing something and especially a smartphone is the price range. Most of us look for many of the aspects and one of the main aspects is price. The price of the mobile phone totally depends upon the brand and the model and set of features it has to offer. The features of the mobile phone also to find the price such as the camera quality, the storage space and RAM, the look and design with the colour and so on.

When you talk about smartphones and their prices it is always going to fluctuate from time to time and also going to differ from brand to brand and model to model of course for the span of time. You can always keep on checking about the specific smartphone whichever you are looking forward to buying and you’ll get all the information and details about its features and pricing according to the current market rates easily on the internet. You can also keep on checking various websites if you are looking forward to buying used mobile phones or refurbished mobile phones. Online websites and portals can offer you many more benefits when you buy or sell used mobile phones or refurbished mobile phones from them. Websites like will also help you to buy the most perfect and suitable smartphone as per your requirements and budget.

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