How Monoaxial Screw Help In Fixing The Spine And Other Fractures?

The spinal cords are the main pathways for the communication of information from the brain to the other peripheral nervous system. As the spinal cord originates from the brainstem and extends to the lumbar region of the vertebral column. The primary function of the spinal cord is to transmit the nerve signals to the body and to coordinate and control many reflexes that occur in one’s body.

Spinal cord injury can affect a body to a total lowering of the function and can make the person to a bedridden condition. The most common reason for spinal cord injury is trauma that is either physical or non-traumatic conditions. The majority of this condition is caused by physical trauma such as car accidents, sports injuries, gunshot injuries, etc. Monoaxial screw is a widely used tool to fix the spinal by surgeons. Let us have a quick look at the causes and reasons behind the spinal cord injury.

What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

As the spines are the transmitters of the reflexes from the brain to the body, it is an important part of the construction of the human’s body. The spine travels from the bottom of the brain stem called medulla oblongata and down to the back. It is the backbone of the body that helps one person to stand, sit, slide, and even bend. Causing damage to this may affect the whole body and can bring the person to a bedridden situation. As the spinal cords are the one which commands the muscles for the movement of the arms and legs, it will cause the functioning if it got damaged.

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Causes and Reasons for Spine Injury

The most dominant reason for the injury in the spine is the physical traumas such as sports injuries, car or bike accidents, a fall from a height, etc. There are chances of spinal cord injuries by non-traumatic conditions such as insufficient blood flows, infections, or tumors. Some people may have abnormal spinal where they have a smaller one than the normal spine. This also causes the risk of getting a spinal cord injury faster. Failure in supplying the blood to the spines because of the compression of vessels may also lead to spine injury.

How Effective is the Monoaxial screw?

Monoaxial screws are the widely used device or tool by surgeons in hospitals for the fixation of spinal injuries. It is also known as a hook fixation system or as anterolateral fixation system. Inserting a monoaxial screw will help in stabilizing the vertebrate that is been damaged. It also helps in maintaining stability and avoids the chances for further nerve damages. Many expert orthopedic specialists suggest this solution for their patients who are suffering from spinal trauma. It is the best and immediate suggestion of the surgeons to have a monoaxial screw surgery to fix the fractures caused in the spinal cord. Better choose the super-specialty hospitals that make avail of the trustworthy treatment.

Preventing Measures for the risk

The most important thing that everyone can practice to get rid of diseases and injuries is to prevent oneself from such a situation. Most spinal injuries are caused by accidents, so to prevent this; one must drive safely ensuring the seat belts in the car. Make sure that the persons with whom you are traveling are also safe. The other important point to remember while engaged in sports is to take precautions. Always wear safety gear as per the sport and follow the advice of doctors carefully. If any dislocations have made, it might the person to meet risky situation in the future.

Final Verdict

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