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How much price of cleaning commercial office?

Would you like to hire a cleaning professional and get an idea of ​​the prices charged on the market ?

Hiring a home cleaning service, at regular intervals or occasionally, is a great way to maintain your home without having to spend hours on your knees in the middle of household products like commercial office  .

Regular cleaning helps maintain your floors, your furniture, your upholstery, or your tables and counters. The potential fees associated with hiring a cleaning professional may seem prohibitive.

Pricing of a cleaning professional

The average price of a cleaning professional is £150, but there are very varied prices, from £100 to £200. As a general rule, the service of a cleaning professional is billed by the hour or by the square meter.

The hourly rate will be between 20 and 30 £. The surface rate is set according to the size of the dwelling. For example, a house with less than 70m2 of surface area will cost around £100 in cleaning costs, while the estimate for a house over 280m2 can exceed £150.

Some professional cleaning services may charge you for their first intervention per square meter. This will allow the cleaning agent to assess the time required for the complete cleaning of your home and to identify its specific needs.

The cost of the service of a cleaning professional also depends on the frequency of the interventions. Regular visits can indeed be more economical.

The deduction for frequent visits can amount to 3-8 £. An additional reduction may be added if you pay in advance or if you commit to a long-term agreement. The savings made can then amount to between 50 and 160 £.

The service of a cleaning professional can also be punctual. This can allow you to prepare your interior before a party, visits from potential buyers. Put an apartment in order after the departure of its occupants and before the arrival of new tenants. The standard quote will generally amount to 150-280 £.


Price of a cleaning professional: cost estimate

Other criteria may be taken into account in the estimate of a cleaning professional. The number of rooms to be cleaned, the number of bathrooms, any precautions to be taken in terms of cleaning products, access to rooms, or even the agent’s travel time to your home, are all factors to consider.

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The cleanliness of the premises is an essential criterion of well-being at work.

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Commercial office rental Belfast  provide great environment to maintain staff motivation and productivity. Indeed, any company must provide its employees with maintained and cleaned work premises in order to protect their health.


  • Cleaning of furniture and equipment
  • Floor cleaning and vacuuming Floor
  • cafeterias
  • Touchpoints
  • Noise free

Determine the number of rooms to be cleaned.

Make a list of the rooms in your home that need cleaning and estimate how much time you would spend on each one. Admittedly, a cleaning professional can be faster, but this will give you a general idea of ​​the time and cost of the intervention.


If your home does not get dirty quickly, you can have part of the home cleaned each time the agents visit. Your parts are thus cleaned one after the other, in due time, which makes you benefit at the same time from some savings.

Count the rooms.

Informing cleaning professionals of the number of rooms allows them to get an idea of ​​the frequentation and use of the rooms. Dwellings with a large number of occupants require more remote work.

Thus, a large house with only two bedrooms does not require as much work as a small house with four bedrooms. In addition, each room requires special care.

A dressing room or commercial office loaded with wall decorations and trinkets will take longer to clean.

Count the bathrooms.

Bathrooms are perhaps the most demanding rooms. Their maintenance also requires more abrasive products. Different products are needed for different tasks.

Thus, a toilet cleaner will not work on a shower, and conversely, a shower product will not work in a toilet bowl. The sink and its furniture, the mirrors each have their specific cleaner.

Shower doors may require the use of a descaling product to remove soap residue and stains. The floors are washed with a specific detergent.

Make a list of your specific requirements: allergies, valuables, pets.

  • Does your home have:
  • Valuables or antiques?
  • High ceilings requiring the use of a ladder to dust lamps/chandeliers/fans?
  • A cat that should not have access to the rooms or a dog that loses its hair?

Identify hard-to-reach parts or areas.

Certain parts of a home may be difficult to access, such as attics, windows, or shelves, and therefore incur additional costs, linked to the use of equipment such as a ladder.

Determine where your home is located within the service area.

Some cleaning professionals charge travel expenses if your home is located outside of their service area. To avoid these costs, look for professionals located near you.


Travel costs vary greatly depending on certain factors: distance from your home, the workload for maintenance workers, cost of fuel. So check the service area covered and compare rates.

One agency may be overwhelmed with calls and charge more for its services, while another will be willing to travel cheaply to secure a contract.

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