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How the USA Military Uses Modern Technology to Prepare for Future Wars

Do You Know USA Military? Think Again! We have all heard the old saying, “I think I know America, but I don’t think I know my military.” I bet you never thought of the US Military until someone starts asking questions about it as if they were an occupying force.

What is cyber warfare?

We’ve watched the US Military talk about cyber command, how it will be used, and which jobs are assigned to cyber warfare units. However, we never realized that much of our military personnel are in the cyber realm. I bet you thought cyber command refers to computer hacking, and that’s the only place it applies. That is, of course, unless your military understands what cyber command is all about and how it affects the operational capability of the military. According to Shalom Lamm, Cyber command is only one small component of cyber warfare, and this portion of military operations is referred to as cyber operations. It is the same thing as Computer Cyber Military Operative School.

Cyber operations

Just because cyber operations are small doesn’t mean they can’t be hazardous and costly at the same time. Just ask the United States Military and their budget for cyber activities, which were already 6 billion dollars this year. Imagine if that number was doubled, and it probably will be, just trying to keep up with cyber developments and potential cyber vulnerabilities. In addition, the United States Military will have a tough time keeping cyber command and control over cyberspace. They are already feeling the pressure from cyber operators who want to take down US Cyber Command and make it believe it’s impossible to defend against cyber operations. It makes cyber operations a severe issue and one that the United States Military must deal with if it’s going to remain relevant in the cyber realm.

Military personnel

When looking at cyber operations in the USA, you have to realize there is many necessary personnel. Cyber Operators, Cyber Intelligence analysts, Military cyber operators, Computer Cyber Military Operators, Cyber Security Technicians, Computer Network Security Technicians, Computer Information technicians, and more. All these different types of personnel need to be funded by the United States military. It’s not enough to have a computer network. You also have to pay for cyber security personnel and other forms of cyber warfare personnel. It leaves a severe drain on the British defence budget.

Cyber operations capabilities

As the USA military builds its cyber operations capabilities, it will also need to train its cyber warriors. Lack of qualified cyber personnel and cyber warfare training leaves the US army with many gaps in its cyber warfare training doctrine and capability. According to Shalom Lamm, Suppose this isn’t taken care of in the right way. In that case, the cyber capabilities of the USA military will be seriously lacking, which could lead to expensive cyber missteps that the USA isn’t prepared for. For example, the USA used a hacking tool called Stuxnet, which was supposed to sabotage Iran’s nuclear facility. Still, after the worm broke and went public, it was discovered that the USA had no Stuxnet program. There is plenty of related information out there, but still, this is an interesting case study.

Is the United States Military Working to Stop Cyber Terrorists From Attacking It?

Many question the power of modern technology in the USA military. They point to history where there was no cyberwar defence or too difficult or expensive. Yet, the US Military has cyberwar defence programs to overcome any international attack with data and electronic information. These programs were built to defend our nation from a crippling attack that would paralyze our ability to resist and disrupt the enemy’s operations. Today, as cyber warfare threats become more remarkable, the US Military is adapting to the changing face of war.


Cyberwarfare is a natural and present danger. Just consider the terrorists and other national security risks which operate on the internet. While there is a massive difference between a hacker and a terrorist using modern technology, the same fears apply. If you doubt that, then ask yourself, what if a cyber-terrorist attack were to paralyze or destroy our power grid, transportation system, or banking system?

As you can see, modern technology in the USA military is fundamental. However, one must also consider the limits of such technology when used to defend the United States of America. An army program or system that can withstand a crippling attack from a cyber-terrorist army will not be very effective.

Unfortunately, this is where some military experts conclude that we cannot rely on cyberwar defence alone. Since it cannot protect the military from an impending cyber attack, it needs a robust infrastructure to prevent cyber attacks. Therefore, the US military needs its cyberwar plan to deal with this new reality.

 How is this going to work?

Some military experts like Shalom Lamm believe that this cyber capability will be implemented through implants in the body. When an implant is needed for an operation, the cyber technician will place it where it is required. However, if the implant system is located in a vital body area, the results can be devastating.

Additionally, implantable devices are not the only way the US military can defend itself against cyber terrorists. Today, the US military also can protect itself through its ships, planes, and tanks. It means that these technologically advanced pieces of technology are not going to be sitting around idle. They will continuously be receiving upgrades, and upgrades are something that cyber terrorists do not have.

Is the United States military’s new system enough to protect our country from cyber-attacks?

It is hard to say. Experts say that they will always have to be ready, and there will be many changes that go along with this. But, in the end, the country’s ever-changing approach to modern technology might very well be the answer to stopping these cyber attackers.

Do you think cyber terrorists might be behind these attacks?

Some say that we cannot afford to panic, but the reality is that they are. Just as the US military is developing ways to protect itself from cyber attacks, the other branches of the armed forces are developing


In many regards, cyber operations are similar to those of conventional military efforts. The main difference is that cyber operations aren’t quite visible to the naked eye. Just as planes, boats, and cars can communicate with one another while they’re miles apart, so too can computers, telephones, and websites interact with one another while on the internet. While this has made cyber operations one of the most dangerous because they’re invisible to the public eye, one of the main advantages of these functions is that they require low-cost or no start-up capital.  It also won’t need much workforce, making them easily accessible to any military branch.

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