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How to buy a cheap house that is closed

When a buyer or investor wants to buy a cheap house, it is easy to assume that all foreclosures are sold for much less. However, that impression is a bit false, especially if the house needs repairs. Your idea of ​​a higher cost and bank valuation can be very different.

Foreclosures will mostly cost around market value, and comparable houses dictate prices. Realtors generally will not list houses for “cheaper” prices.

If you really want to find a house cheaper, in some places you can find houses next to the list of real estates, such as sheriff’s auctions, real estate auctions, private auctions, or directly from the bank.

Buy at auction a trustee or sheriff

You can find auction notifications online and in local newspapers. There are a number of websites that publish information at auctions, and some may offer free trials.

You usually pay in cash at public auctions and buy a home in “as is” condition. Smart buyers will pay the title company to perform a preliminary search before bidding.

If there are liens such as taxes, commissions for joint homeowners (HOAs) or superior encumbrance loans stay at home.

There can be a large number of professionals and investors at public auctions who can reduce your chances of winning a house.

Buy cheap foreclosure at a private online auction

Auction houses are mostly advertised online and in newspapers. These auction cars can have dealers traveling the country and holding auctions in various places.

A private auction house will often allow you to get funds to buy a cheap house in foreclosure. You can also bring a customer to represent you.

Some auction companies will allow you to review foreclosures before bidding. But you should be prepared to set a limit and be careful not to be disturbed by the excitement created during the bidding process.

Buy directly from the bank

The best way to eliminate most competing customers for cheap enforcement is to contact the bank directly. Banks are often willing to cut the price if a buyer or investor buys more than a house in a package with a large number.

What you will find more often is not that the bank does not want to sell to you. If the home is not on the market but is owned by the bank, it is probably because there are tax advantages for the bank not to sell it.

Some banks keep a list of online foreclosure homes available for purchase. Buyers can also check the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website for a list of HUD-owned homes.

Foreclosures on the real estate list

You can buy foreclosures mostly for much less than the original loan, especially in a declining market. But that does not mean that the bank will sell the property for less than the market value.

The market value may be 50% lower than the previous sale of the house, but this exclusion price mainly reflects the value of comparative homes around it, with fewer repair costs.

It is true that it is rare to find a cheap list of foreclosures on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) market. Often, if you are lucky and fast enough to write an offer, you may be able to buy a foreclosure for a little at a bargain. But basement sales offers are not usually listed in the MLS.

This is because banks, like any other seller, want to make as much money as possible. They hire real estate agents to prepare a valuation and tell them how much they can get.

The agent takes into account the condition of the house and names the price. Then other agents in MLS compete to buy a house for their customers.

When customers compete, more offers are the result. Numerous offers tend to increase the price. To find a cheap house foreclosure, buyers must reduce competition for such exclusion by exploring alternatives.

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