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How To Choose A Real Estate Agent For A Home Sale

Besides buying a home, selling your house is also one of the most crucial financial undertakings in your life. It’s not as easy as putting up a house for sale sign and handing over the house keys. In reality, selling your home can take weeks, months, and sometimes, even years, especially if you’re not marketing or selling your home properly to the right market. Thus, having a real estate agent on your side is a must, whether it’s your first time or fourth time to sell your home. 

Your real estate agent will serve as your representative in selling your home. They also know the best marketing tactics and the ins and outs of selling houses. But the thing is, there are also plenty of agents out there. Therefore, you also need to ensure that you choose the best and most reliable real estate agent for your unique selling situation. 

To guide you in your agent selection process, this article will show the crucial steps to take when picking your real estate agent.  


  • Compare Real Estate Agents Online 

An easy way to start your agent-hunting is by browsing real estate agents online. From there, you can check out different agency websites, client reviews, social media interactions, property listings, and other sources which may give you a vast list of agents. 

It’s ideal to look for real estate agents near you since they know the area better and the other properties sold within the site (your competition in the market). For example, if you’re sell my home for cash, you can search for a Coquitlam realtor online and compare results from the other agents. 

But remember, browsing for agents online doesn’t end your search for finding the best real estate agent for your home sale. The results and information you find online will only serve as your guide towards narrowing down your selection list with reputable and trustworthy realtors. 


  • Seek For Referrals 

If searching online seems too vague, asking for referrals from your friends or relatives may be more recommended. Perhaps you know someone who had experienced selling their house, you can then find out how the experience went for them. If they can give you positive feedback about how quickly they had sold their home at a good price, chances are their realtor can do the same for you.  


  • Interview Multiple Real Estate Agents 

After you’ve gathered a list of agencies you found online or heard from referrals, it’s time to start interviewing them and seeking more information in person. Feel free to ask them questions about their sales history, selling experience (specifically in your area), marketing tactics, and how they operate. Some questions you can use when interviewing your potential realtor are: 

  •  How long have you worked as a realtor in this area? 

Ideally, go for an agent with at least five or more years of experience selling homes, as they probably already have their own effective selling and marketing tactics and a strong network.  

  • How well do you know this location? 

An agent who genuinely knows the location can compete with the other property sellers in your locality. They’ll also be more knowledgeable on whom to market your property. 

  • What’s your edge against other realtors? 

Their answers will give you an overview of how they work as a salesperson. While they describe their qualities and assets, you can also ask for proof (e.g., certifications, licenses, training certificates, etc.). 

  • How many clients do you handle each time? 

An agent who tries too hard to handle too many clients at once will less likely focus on selling your property in the quickest way possible. Meanwhile, an agent who handles a few clients could also be a red flag. So, look for one that manages a considerable number of clients at a time.

  • What can be the challenges when selling my property? 

This question will test their honesty and trustworthiness. If you’re selling an old and damaged home yet they don’t address this to you, they’re probably just trying to flatter you. 

Remember to interview at least three or more agents so you can compare the results and find one whose personality, values, and skills match your needs.  


  • Ask For Their Selling Strategy 

It’s also important to know about the agent’s selling strategy. Ask about their plans on how they’ll market your property and conduct open houses. You can also ask for their estimated timelines on when they can sell your home.  

Make sure you also clarify your wants in selling your home. For example, if you’re hoping to sell your property in the shortest time possible, find out what their techniques will be to pull this off, or will they tell you about the potential setbacks in selling your home quickly. Knowing these details before hiring a specific realtor will give you an overview of what to expect from their service.  


  • Select Your Agent  

Suppose you’ve gone through the steps above and have the complete details from the three or four realtors you’ve interviewed and reviewed. In that case, you can start comparing their information and select your agent. To simply put, go for the agent you personally trust. If your gut says that person feels right, then they’re the best one for the job.  


Wrapping Up 

Seeking the best real estate agent for your home sale may take some time and effort, but it’s worth it to find a client willing to buy your home as soon as possible. Having a professional and trustworthy realtor on your side comes with numerous benefits, including saving you from the hassle of doing all the selling on your own.  As long as you have the right real estate agent for your home selling needs, you’ll be able to find a prospect in no time.


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