How to Clean and Protect Your Air Hockey Tables in Outdoor Places

Air Hockey is a very exciting sport that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. It’s a very nerve-wracking game that can become competitive quite quickly as it requires only 7 goals to win. You need good reflexes to win a round or two of air hockey. It’s a game that is preferred by kids as it is very easy to learn and can be enjoyed with your friends and families. I encourage families to choose air hockey as the game they can play on weekends to spend some quality time together. Now, let’s get deep into this matter.

There are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to air hockey. As we all know that to truly enjoy air hockey one needs a good air hockey table. But I’ve seen people give away perfectly good air hockey tables just because they got dirty as they were not maintained the way they should’ve been. A lot of people are unaware of the basic things they need to consider while maintaining an air hockey table. Here you can find helpful information regarding everyday topics.

How much Important it is to clean you Air Hockey Tables

Now, let’s get deep into this matter. You can spend as much money as you want on an air hockey table but it’s still not going to clean itself. A dirty air hockey table will hinder your game as it will not only increase friction on the surface but will also affect the air holes. This will cause the puck to not move smoothly and will damage your surface as well. Air holes not working properly will cause a lot of pressure on the blower motor and can damage it as well. Replacing blow motors can be very expensing. This is why you need to be mindful of these factors when playing on air hockey tables outside.

You can play an air hockey table outside on sunny days, but you shouldn’t let it stay overnight, especially in humid weather. Avoid leaving an unprotected air hockey table outdoors for long periods, unless it is specifically made to withstand weather conditions. Otherwise, it will ruin your table especially if they’re made of wood and steel. The legs will start to deteriorate and will cause will affect the durability of the table.

Outdoor Air Hockey Tables

Only products designated by the manufacturer as outdoor air hockey tables can be safely placed outdoors. As an electronic product mainly made of wood, you must protect the air hockey table from moisture to ensure safe use and improve durability. This is why the outdoor air hockey table is made of a waterproof surface and has a built-in drying function.

Of course, the additional protection built into the outdoor air hockey table makes its cost much higher than the standard indoor table, which is no longer cheap. These are attractive full-size tables with excellent graphics and the latest technology. Their coin-operated design makes them suitable for commercial playgrounds, and the lighting and sound effects make them fun to use in dark indoor or outdoor spaces.

It is well known that dust, beverages, and small objects should be prevented from entering the holes of the air hockey table to avoid clogging and damaging the product. If it is a standard air hockey table, leaving it outside will eventually cause it to be destroyed by rain or even dew. If you have an outdoor air hockey table, you don’t have to worry too much. However, I recommend that you cover your countertop well after each use. This is especially important when you live in a rainy or snowy area.

Protection Methods

Although designed for outdoor use, we do not recommend leaving these tables freely in the sun, wind, rain, or snow for several days. The content that an outdoor air hockey table can support is limited. Due to their high prices, it is best to take precautions to protect them. The best way to keep your dining room table safe is to cover it. There are specific air hockey table covers available so we recommend purchasing one of them. Although you may think that old plastic or cloth pieces may work just fine, they may not provide long-term protection. Investing in high-quality products like Cover Mattes Vinyl Air Hockey Table Covers can greatly extend the life of your air hockey table. This type of cover is weather-resistant and fits perfectly on most tables. Before buying a top, you should always compare the size of the table to ensure a perfect fit.

Another protective measure to extend the life of your air hockey table is to use blowers for cleaning. These blowers can go into the depths of the tables and clean them properly. You can clean the blower motors with the help of a handheld air blower so that it keeps on supplying air conveniently and keep the air holes open.

Also, don’t use a regular cloth to clean the surface. It can do more harm than you can imagine. Instead, use cloths that are specifically made of microfiber materials to thoroughly clean such machines or equipment. Applying wax and polish would ensure much better gameplay as it would smooth out the surface. This will help remove the smudges that one might get on the table.

Qualities of a Reliable Table Cover

The high-quality PVC and other strong materials can resist tearing and moisture, making it an ideal air hockey table cover. Compared to other materials, it will provide better protection from UV rays, while forming an effective barrier against wind, dust, and type of moisture. It is best if the cover is long enough to reach the table legs. This will protect your table and reduce your maintenance and cleaning labour costs. There are multi-game tables as well. These tables consist of multiple games within the same tables. It’s even more hectic to clean such tables.

So, here’s a piece of advice use table covers so that you don’t have to face this misery alone. If you live in areas that are comparatively dustier than others, you should make a habit of cleaning them regularly. One clear sign your table needs cleaning is when your puck stops moving smoothly across the surface or it keeps shooting off the surface completely. Maintenance of the air hockey table can be quite a work if you don’t do it regularly and can hinder the performance of your table. More importantly, it’s essential to prolong its life and keep it working well. However, if playing outdoor air hockey is important to you, consider investing in an outdoor air hockey table, which is waterproof and more durable than the standard one. You can fine relevant blogs regarding cleaning equipment on articlesdo.


So, there it is. A short and sweet article pointing out all the factors that you need to keep in mind about how to keep your table clean. The method of cleaning is up to you whether clean it manually regularly with the help of tools mentioned above or with the help of a table cover. So that you can increase its lifespan and enjoy it for a longer period. Hope after reading this you also play a round or two with your kids and friends. So, keep calm and clean your air hockey table.

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