How To Customize Your Custom Magnetic Boxes?

Considering the importance of customized packaging in the market, Custom Magnetic Boxes are a great choice for you. Whether you have a unique product or need to pack multiple items, these boxes will enhance the appeal of your products and enhance the sales rate. Read on to know more about Custom Magnetic Boxes.

According to your needs

Custom magnetic boxes have the advantage of a strong magnetic field, and can protect any product during transportation. They are suitable for a variety of uses, including small/medium gifts, corporate promotional gifts, presentation kits, and other items. Crown Win Box Packing Solution can customize magnet boxes for your brand logo and any finishing requirements you have. Here are some examples of the customization options available. These boxes are flexible and customizable to meet your exact specifications.

Custom boxes

The first step in designing custom magnetic boxes is to consider your target audience. Your business may be aimed at specific clients, who want magnetic boxes that feature a pull-out ribbon. The same goes for watch brands and jewelry brands, which often require boxes with mini-cushions to make their packaging more appealing. Using self-adhesive bows on packaging is also becoming increasingly popular. Your customers will definitely appreciate the attention you put into the design of your magnetic boxes.

Grandeur of your products

If your company offers luxury items, you should use the best packaging for them. Custom magnetic boxes can improve the elegance of your products. With their magnetic properties, these boxes can help your customers open and close them effortlessly. They are a convenient way to showcase your products and enhance their grandeur. You can even customize them with ribbons and rope handles. This will make the entire experience even more special for your customers. If you want to add a touch of opulence to your magnetic boxes, you can also opt for a glossy or matt finish.

Enhance the sale rate

You can increase the value and quality of your product by packaging it in Custom Magnetic Boxes. These boxes are sturdy and classy. They will also enhance the looks of your products. This will increase your sales rate. You can also choose custom magnetic boxes for a range of products. Here are the advantages of custom magnetic boxes:

Custom Magnetic Boxes are great for delivering extra comfort to customers. They can be customized with ribbons or rope handles to add a touch of elegance. Besides, these boxes help customers open and close their packaging easily. The boxes also make a memorable impression for them. Therefore, it is a must to invest in custom magnetic boxes to enhance the sale rate of your products. You will never go wrong with them.

Sophisticated printing technologies

They can be easily redesigned with a variety of colors and patterns. You can even get the print of your logo or other information on the cover. Boxes come with a custom lid or tray. These trays add flexibility and security to your magnetic boxes and keep products organized inside them.


Whether your business sells electronics, fashion, food or even baby products, you can customize your Magnetic Closure boxes to suit your needs. Magnetic closure boxes have a premium appearance and versatile structure that makes them an excellent choice for packaging a variety of products. You can customize the look and functionality of your Magnetic Closure boxes with ICM PACKAGING Boxes’ custom design service. With a custom design, you can choose the size, shape, material, and printing to create the perfect packaging for your business.

The process of designing a custom magnetic box is easy and quick. The company has partnered with reputed service providers who will provide cutting-edge printing technologies and striking finishing. You can request for revisions or changes to your custom magnetic box and the printing company will make sure that your print looks perfect. These advantages of a ICM PACKAGING Box custom magnetic box are numerous. Here are some benefits of custom packaging:

Your product’s unique style and design will be easily noticed. With a custom magnetic box, your products will look more professional and appealing to your customers. A custom magnetic box can be used for your products whether you want to send them to your customers or to package your products yourself. The packaging solution you choose should be easy to customize and provide complete safety for your products. There are many service providers to choose from and you should make sure to choose the right one for your needs.

Personalized WHITE surface paper coated magnetic lid boxes

Personalized white surface paper coated magnetic lid boxes are the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. Magnetic boxes can be personalized with ribbon pulls, rope handles, or bows. They are also available with non-magnetic options. Choosing ribbons over cut-outs is an excellent choice for magnetic gift boxes. The surface coating paper can easily cover the notch and ensure a long-lasting gift box.

These custom hard magnetic lid boxes are available in full color with a matte black Kraft background. Unlike the white paper, this color has a natural appeal that’s ideal for products that promote healthy eating and natural living.  These boxes can be printed on both sides. For an even better look, consider upgrading to biodegradable lamination to ensure a long-lasting product.

Personalized white surface paper coated magnetic lid boxes benefit consumers and businesses alike by providing a personalized touch to gifts. These magnetic boxes not only make your recipient’s life easier, they also make package delivery a breeze. They’re easy to use and will be sure to impress recipients with your thoughtfulness. Personalized magnetic lid boxes make it easy to deliver gifts and can attract new customers, too. The perfect gift packaging solution for any occasion.


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