How to Design Remarkable Business and Visiting Cards?

Before going on with the article, let us understand that a business card is not a visiting card. Although both cards look similar yet they both have their own purposes. So, what exactly is a visiting card, and how it differs from a business card? To understand the difference, let’s look at a summarized history of visiting cards—the origin of visiting cards traces to Europe and China. In the 18th century, it was considered a sign of nobility and was used by European gentlemen when they made social calls.

The visiting cards printing includes the name and logo of the company and has fewer details on it in contrast to the business card. A business card represents the company, whereas a visiting card represents the individual. A business card is all about business. It facilitates people to contact your business. The person handing over the card is not always the person to be contacted, but anyone from the company can facilitate people who will contact the company through the card.

The visiting cards are also used in social settings but are more personal. They are more suitable for situations where you are trying to make a more personal connection. However, visiting card designing and printing are somehow similar to business cards. Here are some tips for designing them.


Avoid Unnecessary Details

There is a tiny space available on the card that doesn’t overwhelm your designer by providing too much information to include. Only use the relevant details, including the name of the company, logo, website, email address, fax numbers, and phone numbers.


Make It Readable

Don’t decrease the font to the extent that the information is difficult to read at first glance. If it is not necessary, avoid using curvy fonts. Reducing the font size and cluttered details on the card might not be as visible as it will be on the website.


Get Them Printed Professionally

Make your way to a professional printer for visiting cards printing or business card printing. Print-it-yourself cards often come out as second-rated; this may have an overall bad impact on your business because it is all about the impression you’re having on your clients.


Creative Design

Think outside the box and create something new and unique but make it relevant to your business. Look for some inspirations online and from other designers. Do some research online about the designs of other business competitors and pick out the element that is making their card design stand out but don’t forget to put your creativity into the card, making it unique.


Choosing the Colors

As a designer, ask yourself the question of which type suits your brand identity better. If it has a new or exciting personality, go for bright colors but don’t jam your card with too many colors. If the business holds a sophisticated high-end personality, go for dark and plain colors.


Include QR codes

QR codes on your cards provide a link between your online information and printed mediums. When you need to include information in a limited space QR code can work wonders without making the card appear cluttered.


Give Special Finishes

High-quality finishes have a great visual impression. Unique and clever design can make your card stand out from the competition. A card with special finishes can send out the right signals about a business, and mentioning it again visiting cards printing or business card printing must be done by the professional printing agencies.


Avoid Common Mistakes

A common pitfall to be avoided is making a straight-looking line on the four edges of the card. It may cause some misalignments during the trimming of the cards. Consult the printer about the bleed area so that you don’t put a design there. Most importantly, don’t forget to recheck for the typos, as they are among some of the biggest turn-offs.


Visual Aids

The front of business cards carries all the necessary information but don’t forget to use the back of your card to put a subtle and impressive image related to your business. Most importantly, the agencies for visiting cards printing should consider adding your company’s logo at the back.


Leave Plenty of White Space on Your Card

Leaving plenty of space on the card helps to declutter it from the unnecessary elements and draws attention to the essential details of the card, such as the contact information.


Include CTA

Most of the cards don’t have CTAs on them. CTA is a way to guide your customers through the buying journey. An effective CTA can work wonders at drawing the visitors’ attention. Some common CTAs include sign up, join free for a month, subscribe, and learn more.

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