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How to Make Frosted Glass – DIY Methods

Frosted glass helps you to add privacy to your home or office and enhances the security level by blurring the view behind the glass into vague shapes. The main benefit of having a frosted glass is that they reflect more light inside than regular glass. Hence, it brightens your living area or office.

Moreover, the frosted windows are easy to clean and don’t rust or corrode. It helps you cut a significant amount on your electricity bills every month. Still and all, the frosted windows improve your living space and add a touch of elegance and style to your place.

Here we are going to dig out the DIY methods to make a frosted glass. So, let’s start!

  1. Spray paint


You may believe it or not, frosting a glass using spray paint is extremely easy. You can get any of the spray paint of any popular manufacturer. It is easily available online and in markets too.

To complete the task, here are the three simple steps:

  • Clean your glass after cleaning it thoroughly, ape off the window or door frame.
  • Apply coat the spray paint on your glass and let it dry. Coat it thin once, then you will have an idea of how much more coating is required.
  • Apply more spray coats if you wish to have great privacy and opacity.

If you get fed up with the look, you can easily remove the finish by using a glass scraper.

2. Window Film


Using a window film, you can also frost your glass. Window film is non-adhesive which works via static cling. If you wrongly applied the film or you think it’s not rightly placed, you can start over easily.

Get a frosted glass using window film in just four easy steps;

  • Wash the surface of the glass properly. You can use a glass cleaner and lint-free cloth too to get the job rightly done.
  • Take a spray bottle with some water in it. Pour some drops of dish detergent into the bottle.
  • In the 3rd step, lightly spray the combination on the glass before applying the window film.
  • Apply the window film and remove the bubbles with a squeegee.

3. Etching


If you want to have a permanent frosted effect on your rain glass then you can use the etching method to achieve the goal. The glass-etching cream is easily available in the market. Get a glass-etching cream and start your project.

It is better to take care while applying the cream and follow the instructions printed on the glass-etching cream box. Follow the given instructions to have a permanent frosted glass for your privacy and security.

  • Use painter’s tape to mask off the sensitive areas where you don’t want to apply the cream.
  • Take a bristled brush to apply the etching cream onto your glass.
  • Let the etching cream sit for the time asked by the manufacturer on the instructions.
  • Take warm water and rinse the cream from your glass.

A few moments later, you will witness a frosted glass in place of a standard glass that you were having earlier.

4: Acrylic Glaze


The acrylic glaze is another method to frost your glass. Acrylic glaze can be used to frost the windows and doors and it gives you privacy and security. Down here is the method to apply the acrylic glaze.

  • Dip one side of the foam brush in the acrylic glaze.
  • Apply the coat to the glass.
  • Apply the coat in straight lines.
  • Let the first coat completely dry before applying a second coat.

What if the DIY doesn’t work for you or you are short of time?

The above-give methods to frost a glass perfectly work. If in case, you can’t apply the methods correctly or somehow you are not getting the results, then what to do? Or a person can be so busy with his busy schedule that he can’t follow the DIY methods.

For such people, it is the recommendation to have ready-made frosted glass that is easily available in the market. Make your requirements, get the measurements and visit your nearest glass market that sells frosted windows and doors. Get rates from different glass dealers and make a suitable deal.

If you are still short of time that you can’t visit the market, then there is only one option left. The last option is to order your desired frosted glass cut to size online through the glass website. There are several online glass dealers that provide high-quality glass.

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