How to pay a mortgage

How to pay a mortgage

How to pay a mortgage, Making your monthly mortgage payments on time is easy!

You need to replenish the account on time, the bank will do the rest. Let’s talk briefly about the main thing.

Where and how the amount of the monthly payment is debited

On the day of the mortgage transaction, a savings account was opened and connected to you to pay for the loan,

from which the bank will automatically debit funds every month on the payment date.

You can manage your accounts in Sberbank Online.

To do this, open the “Loans” section and go to your mortgage loan. Next – in

“Operations”, and then – in “Change of repayment accounts”.

You can check the main account for debiting payments in your personal account Domclick.

To pay, you need to replenish the account connected for debiting no later than 21:00 on the day of payment –

the bank will automatically debit the funds from the account until 23:59.

Timely payment forms a good credit history, and delays spoil it.

Therefore, 2 days before the payment date, you will receive a reminder from the bank about the upcoming payment.

If there are not enough funds on the account to debit on the payment date,

the bank will send you another notification with a request to replenish the account.

What to do if there is only enough money in the account to write off part of the payment

Do not worry. You need to deposit the remaining amount into the account during the day.

The bank will contact the account several more times and write off the balance of the payment until 23:59.

What to do if the payment date coincides with a holiday

If there is enough money in the account, it will be debited automatically on the day of payment, even if it is a holiday.

If there is not enough money, the system will apply for debiting funds from the date of payment

until 23:59 on the first business day following the weekend.

How to change the account from which the loan is repaid

You need to open the “Loans” section in Sberbank Online and go to your mortgage loan. Next – in “Operations”,

and then – in “Change of repayment accounts”. Here you can manage the accounts from which the mortgage loan is repaid:

change their order and connect additional accounts for debiting funds, for example, a salary card.

In the mobile application, to change accounts, you need to hold down

the symbol opposite the account and, without releasing it, drag it up.

Thus, the system will understand that the loan payment should be debited from the accounts in the order you specified.

Can someone else pay my loan?

Yes, to pay monthly payments, you can connect the account of a co-borrower or any other person using the

“Help a loved one with a loan” option in Sberbank Online. The same option will help you make payments if,

for some reason, the main borrower does not have access to the account.

Right now it’s only available on the web, but it’s coming to the mobile app soon.

The person who will help you pay the loan needs to log into your personal account in the web version of Sberbank Online,

Click on the “+” next to the “Loans” section, then select “Help a loved one with a loan.”

In the window that opens, you must enter the personal data of the borrower:

full name, date of birth, series, and number of the passport, number of the loan agreement, and the date of its execution.

If everything is correct, the system will find a loan and prompt

you to select an account from which monthly payments will be debited on the settlement date.

After selecting an account, you need to specify how long the person is ready to help with payments

and confirm the operation with a code from SMS – during the specified period,

funds will be debited from the specified account if the borrower does not have access to his account or there are not enough funds on it.

As a rule, the system accesses such accounts from 20:00 to 23:50 local time.

You can cancel this option at any time in the Loans section of the web version of Sberbank Online.

How to change the payment date

You can choose the date of repayment of the mortgage payment yourself, but not more than once a year.

The new due date may be changed to any other calendar day between the change date (inclusive) and the next valid due date (excluding it).

Thus, the old payment date will not be debited.

It must be remembered that on the new payment date, the bank will write off only the interest accrued from the last payment made until the new selected date,

therefore, after changing the payment date to the new date, the payment amount will be less than usual.

The full payment (interest and principal repayment) will be written off from the next month after the new payment date.

To change the payment date, you need to open the “Loans” section in Sberbank Online and go to your mortgage loan.

Next, click the “Operations” tab, go to “Change the payment date” and select a new date.

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