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How To Support Your Child In The Academic Stages

Nowadays, many children are growing more independently, which makes it difficult for the parents to keep an eye on their learning at each academic stages.

On the other hand, most of the children find it difficult to learn and grab the learning things in schools. They face problems in understanding a particular subject due to the chaos of many students in a classroom. Moreover, teachers do not have that much time to ask the doubts and teach the child individually.

The solution to all the concerns is the support of the parents to their children in every academic stage. For example, if your kid is facing a problem in learning an English subject, you can make them opt for the tuition classes. It will help them to acquire knowledge of a particular subject efficiently.

Moreover, if you are living in Northeastern areas, many tutors are providing education of English tuition in North East, which can greatly help your kids. Besides this, here in this article, we are suggesting some ways parents can utilize to encourage their children to study effectively.

Ways To Help Your Kids In The Academic Stages

Visit Your Kid’s School

Parents should visit the school especially, in the middle of the session. It will help them know how perfectly a child is studying in a class. Also, let the teachers contact you if your kid faces any problems in their studies.

For example, if your child is finding it difficult to write and read in English, ask the teachers for assistance. In addition, children can also get help from online English Singapore, which will thoroughly provide adequate knowledge of the language.

Moreover, parents should never miss a chance to attend the parents-teachers meeting held by the school each year. Through such conferences, you can know in which subjects your child is good and bad, how your child is performing in the class tests, etc.


Help Your Kid Academically

To help your kids academically, make sure they are keeping up well with their studies. If they are not performing well, support them at home. Additionally, ask the help from the teachers also before it gets too late. Parents should always check the report cards of their children so that they would be aware of their performances.

Always ensure that your kids, especially the younger ones are done with their homework. Set up a comfortable place, fix a regular timetable, and remove distracting things such as television, phones, etc. Young children need much attention because they easily lose their concentration. So, providing help assures that your child has got their homework done perfectly.

Moreover, if you find it difficult to help your kids with schoolwork, go for some additional support such as online or home tuition. Tutors will assure your child is learning rightly.

Besides this, you should help your kids in preparing for the examinations. For instance, if your child always gets low marks in the English examination, ask for help from the teachers. They will make them learn writing techniques that enable children to write compositions or essays effectively in exams.

Help Your Child At Home

Reading is very important because it is a key to long-term learning. So, make your child read the books every day. In addition, you can also read a book to them such as bedtime reading in English. It will help your children to grab the words, making their vocabulary clear.

Do not read continuously, if you are reading the books to your young kids. It is because doing this can make the reading boring, and they can lose interest.

To make the reading interesting, make use of pictures, videos, etc. It excites young children and eases their learning process.

Additionally, keep an eye on your kid’s video games, television shows, and internet use. It is because many children spend their time in these technologies more than studying which can affect their academic grades.

Check what type of games your child is playing as some of them are violent or have sexual content. Parents need to be more cautious especially with younger children as it can negatively impact their minds. Moreover, track the time your older kids spend on internet surfing as well as watching TV shows. Remember that, never let these things take control of your children’s life.

Some students feel demotivated with their grades in school tests or exams. For these types of students, English tuition teach them to develop a love for the English language. They create engaging classes with different teaching materials so that students enjoy learning.

Parents who are busy all day, hire tutors or send their children to English tuition classes. Whether a student is a slow learner, average or better in studies, our teacher teaches according to their learning speed so that a student learns efficiently.


Teach Your Child Study Skills

Planning is a great way of helping your child study for the exams. When examination days are overhead, schedule enough time to study as preparing the days before the exams will not be effective.

Create a study calendar and mark the days to study each subject. It will help your kid to get rid of the situation when they would have to study one day before the exams. 

In addition, instruct your child to make study notes in class, categorize them by subjects, and study them at home each day. Make them learn and use easy strategies such as doing practice tests, asking them questions, etc. The more techniques like reading, writing, speaking, and the listening- your brain uses to manage the information, the more probably the information will be retained.

In addition, suggest your children re-read the passages, re-write the notes, and recite the words as it will help to retain all the information. Further, make them understand that it generally takes many attempts to grab something rightly. 


Parents’ support is very important for the good academic success of the children. If they are involved in their kid’s studies, a kid can perform much better. 

Therefore, every parent should support their child in the academic stages so that they can perform well and achieve great success.

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