How to Use a Citronella Remote Training Collar

The Citronella remote training collar has been around for long time and has shown to be quite efficient in training your dog. Barking, chewing on furniture, leaping up on people or other dogs, begging at the table, and running away when you open the door will all be discouraged by the citronella spray that comes from the collar.

These are all behaviors that no pet owner should accept, especially a new pet parent who has recently welcomed their furry companion into their house!


What is citronella?

Citronella is a plant that lives in many tropical climates. It is usually found growing in iced-over lakes and marshy areas near the water’s edge, or on the dry ground under trees where its leaves can be beaten by rainstorms without getting wet (or harmed). The oil emitted from citronella protects it from most pests as well as inclement weather. Citronella contains about 90 distinct chemicals, including geraniol, which when evaporated at high temperatures. Collar has a strong lemony aroma (i.e., cooking). Citronella remote training collar is highly valued by perfumers for use in aroma mixes such as cologne, perfume, aftershave lotions, and scented candles because of this chemical characteristic.


Benefits of Citronella remote training collar :

  • It helps you adjust the intensity of your bark collar and makes it easy to change if needed.
  • It helps teach dogs that barking excessively is not acceptable in most situations.
  • This type of collar works well with larger breeds who have a deep voice, such as Great Danes or Mastiffs.
  • These types of vocal cords often make it difficult for them to hear themselves when they are barking. This can lead them into thinking their barks are ineffective which could result in more aggressive behavior because they feel threatened by their own sounds.

A dog’s hearing range average goes up to about 20KHz, but some breeds may be able to hear even higher. This means his ears will pick up these high intensities.


Benefits of citronella bark collar:

  • Repels mosquitoes and other insects (including ticks) that are carriers of West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, malaria, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. The citronella collar can be used on dogs to protect them from these diseases as well!
  • It has a pleasant scent with no harsh chemicals or toxins
  • It doesn’t make your pet smell like an insect repellent product, which is essential because some people feel these chemicals cause health issues in pets including seizures or liver damage.

Types of citronella remote training collar available in Australia at perfect paws –

The four types of citronella bark collars include electric, sonic, spray, and vibration. 

Electric is the more severe level of correction for dogs that are disobedient or misbehaved. The collar sends a high-voltage current to the dog’s neck which results in an unpleasant shock. 

Sonic uses sound waves as punishment instead of electricity; while these do not hurt your pet they can frighten them into submission. 

When dog barks too much, spray collar releases citronella from pouch on its back near its nose, which helps decrease barking without causing any discomfort!

Finally, there’s the vibrating collar: This sends out vibrations to pets’ vocal cords helping him lower the barking. 

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