How to Wear, Style and Store Your Costume Wigs?

When it comes to dressing up as someone else, having the right haircut is the quickest and easiest way to get into character. Wearing costume wigs is sometimes the simplest approach to achieving a completely authentic haircut for your character.

Costume wigs have a lot of benefits. One obvious plus is that you can have the haircut or color you want without having to modify your natural hair.

The right costume wig may transform your outfit from somewhat recognizable to completely realistic. Unfortunately, working with costume wigs is not always easy. Whether storing or wearing the wigs, it is all too simple for them to tangle and frizz.

Not to worry, though, because this article will have everything you need to know about wearing, caring for and storing your fun wigs.

1. Styling the Wig

Styling a wig is similar to styling your hair, with the exception that you cannot use heated hair styling equipment on it. If you have access to one, you may style your wig on a foam wig head, although this is not required. Set the wig on top of the foam head and pin it in place with wig pins.

A wig brush or a wide-tooth comb can be used to brush straighter wig designs. Take care not to rip out strands of hair or harm your wig.

Brushing curly wigs is never a good idea! It causes the curls to come apart and frizz. A gentle spray of water while scrunching the curls into position with your hand works extremely well for putting the curly hair into place if you need to style or shape a curly wig.

2. Wearing the Wig

After you’ve styled your wig to your liking, it’s time to get your natural hair out of the way, so it doesn’t show through your costume wig. Distribute your hair evenly over your head to avoid a huge bulge beneath your wig. Put your hair up in little pin curls all over your head and secure the curls with bobby pins if you have long or thick hair.

The best way to deal with your natural hair when wearing a costume wig is a wig cap! Your natural hair will stay in place if you use one. Stretch the cap over your pinned-up hair and align it at the hairline.

3. Storing the Wig

Never store your wigs while they are still damp. If your wig has been dirtied, make sure to gently shampoo and wash it, but also make sure that it is thoroughly dried before you keep it away.

If you have a foam wig head, you may keep your wig on it and store it on a shelf by covering it with plastic. This is the best way to store your wig since it will keep the majority of its style and will be ready to use the next time you need it.

If you don’t have a wig head, simply fold your wig gently and store it in its original box or a plastic bag. Make an effort to keep your wig somewhere it won’t be crushed or crumpled.It is very important to keep your costume wigs in as good a condition as possible. These steps can help you not just in taking care of your wigs but in truly embodying the character you want to play.

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