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If your stomach grumbles in between – a small fitness snack for on the go

Here we are going to know about a small fitness snack that changes the lives of people

With the Changing of environment, we have to change our fitness snack.

Saturday in the city center. Leisurely afternoon stroll. Sport in the morning proudly ticked off. The stomach growls. Breakfast? Four hours ago. Dinner with your loved one? A while longer. The body now needs regeneration material. A snack is needed!


How practical that my homemade Vesper is waiting for me in my handbag, as always, to be devoured with relish on a bench. Because, dear fitness foodies, what the bakeries and snack bars in Munich City offers for the inevitable starvation hole usually has as much to do with a fresh and healthy meal as my passion for American fast-food restaurants.

With a few exceptions, of course 🙂

The restaurant chain Dean & David, for example, has great salads, curries, wraps, and smoothies ready – always fresh, tasty, and healthy. If you want to know exactly what you are eating, you can even study a nutritional table for the individual dishes on the website. Great! Unfortunately (still) too seldom.


The fruit and vegetable stalls in the pedestrian zone are also a great opportunity to pick up a healthy snack. A bowl of strawberries or blueberries, for example. Berries are ideal as a power snack because they offer a wealth of vitamins and antioxidants.


Small cocktail tomatoes are also an ingenious snack – with a bite in the mouth and simply super tasty (at least in the summer months). The red power buffs contain many beneficial ingredients that can hardly be listed all. But primarily, around 95 percent, tomatoes consist of water.

This has the positive side effect that you top up the fluid account properly. But tomatoes also contain numerous vitamins: A, B1, C, E, and niacin and contain important minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and trace elements.


The stalls in the city centers offer a large number of healthy snacks on hand // Source:


Back to my Vespers, which I always prepare from home when I’m on the road for a few hours. Above all, a small pack of nuts should never be missing. I am particularly fond of almonds, as they are wonderfully suitable for the handbag and as a healthy fitness snack.

In addition to healthy omega-3 fatty acids, the fit kernels contain plenty of filling fiber and high-quality protein. In addition, almonds are among the top suppliers of vitamin E, beta-carotene, and the group of B vitamins.

What more could you want from the fast fitness food to go? 🙂


And for when you’re feeling a little more hungry in between, I always prepare a richly filled roll. A gourmet roll like this is an ideal power snack in every situation. It just depends on what we load them with.


However, if you take these simple tips into account, you are guaranteed not to leave the house without a perfect fitness snack:


Whole grain bread or rolls: Fills you up thanks to the healthy fiber and provides valuable B vitamins as well as many important minerals (wholemeal rye bread is best).


A tasty base in the form of cottage cheese with a little mustard or homemade avocado cream.


Plenty of colorful and fresh vegetables (e.g. cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce leaves, kohlrabi, mushrooms)


Good protein, for example in the form of turkey breast or lean ham.


On the other hand, prefer not to eat fatty cheese – good protein, but also tons of saturated fats that are heavy on the stomach.


In addition, you are guaranteed not to need butter or – even worse – margarine to get the flavor into the bread roll. Have you ever put fresh basil, parsley, or cress in the bun? Just!



I am a fitness coach with more than 3 years of experience. I want to share my journey tips and simple ways how you can achieve the goal in less time

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