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Import TGZ Folder Into Outlook PST | Introductory Guide

Do you want to import TGZ folder into Outlook PST File? Don’t be concerned! We’ve devised a trouble-free solution that allows you to complete the migration process without difficulty.

Zimbra web mail is a free open source mail client that allows users to manage both personal and professional email accounts. It also has a number of premium features for Zimbra users who are looking for a way to backup Zimbra mailbox. Changing the file formats of mail clients, on the other hand, is a difficult task. Due to the fact that Zimbra saves all of its data in the TGZ file format, which is incompatible with Outlook. As a result, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to make the conversion as simple as possible. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the conversion.

TGZ to PST Converter | First Move

You might have ended up with the TAR file if you successfully extracted the TGZ file from Zimbra. There’s no need to be concerned if you don’t have the TGZ file. To export the file, simply follow the steps listed below.

• Log in with a web mail account in your browser.
• Select your option from the menu bar.
• Navigate to the Import/Export section of the navigation menu.
• Select the data files in the export panel and click the Export button.
• You’ve successfully extracted the TGZ file and are ready to import the TGZ folder into Outlook PST.

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Import TGZ Folder Into Outlook PST | Using Automated Approach

Data files are ready to be transferred to Outlook PST format. Install SysTools Zimbra Converter, an automated solution. This automated tool can convert multiple TGZ files to a variety of file formats, including PST, MBOX, PDF, and vCard. The advanced tool’s fast mechanism prevents data loss and allows for file conversion with data integrity.

This tool’s demo version allows you to convert the first 25 data files in each folder. To convert all of your Zimbra data in just a few clicks. The licensed version of TGZ to PST Converter can be activated. This allows the user to migrate an unlimited number of times. Simply follow these steps to get a better understanding of how things work.

How to Use an Automated Approach | Step-by-Step Instructions

1) Install the software and run it. The tool interface’s first previews will look like this.
2) From the top menu, select the Add Files option. Select the Add File and Folder option from the pop-up menu.
3) The next step is to add the TGZ file by clicking the Browse button.
4) All TGZ files will be scanned and displayed by TGZ to PST Converter.
5) To begin the conversion process, select Export and Export Selected.
6) Select the PST radio button from the Export options panel.
7) To add filters while converting, select Advanced Filter from the drop-down menu.
8) The final step is to choose a destination for the converted files.
9) To begin the conversion process, click the Export button.

Import TGZ Folder Into Outlook PST | Last Step

• From the top bar, click on Add the File option.
• Select the Import/Export option from the Open & Export menu.
• Pick Import from another program or file from the next panel, then click Next.
• Continue by selecting the PST file with the browse button.
• To complete the conversion, click the Finish button.

What If I Assume You Have The Answer?

For users who don’t know where to begin, the process to import TGZ folder into Outlook PST can be a nightmare. We’ve outlined the most effective method for converting multiple files with just a few mouse clicks. This TGZ to PST converter tool’s demo version can be downloaded to test its ease of use before upgrading to the licensed version for good.

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