LED Lights and Its Benefits

LED lights can have so many benefits according to its build quality and lifetime. Many LED light manufacturers are now producing the ultimate quality an LED can have. They have a long lifespan which makes them best for our use. But its lifetime is not the only reason they are efficient but there are some other important reasons too due to which LEDs are so beneficial.


Cost of LED lights is measured in different aspects. The cost can include manufacturing cost and electrical consumption cost etc.

Manufacturing cost is the total cost used to manufacture an LED light. It is obvious that when the manufacturing cost is increased to produce some product, it will eventually increase its sale price. It means that the product will be available to us at a higher price. As we are discussing the benefits of LEDs, we can assume that these lights are manufactured at a low cost. Scientists are always trying to lower the cost of manufacturing so that we can have LEDs at a lower price.

The second factor of cost is the electrical consumption. It is not only a matter of lowering the manufacturing cost but also making the product suitable for a normal user. LED lights are efficient in both ways. They are low cost manufacturing products and are energy efficient which means that they consume less energy.

Hence we know that LEDs are  very efficient cost wise.


Efficiency of anything is measured by the ratio of given input versus the resultant output from it. Normally you see that when you buy any LED light, it is mentioned on the box that it is upto 80% more efficient. Now what does this “upto 80% efficient” means. As we discussed the factors on which efficiency of any product is measured.

LEDs are 80% efficient means that these products consume 80%,the total provided electricity input, to produce light. The other twenty percent energy is converted into heat or other things which we don’t need to take care of. 

Another aspect of efficiency is the lifespan of LED lights. Not only do you want your light to save you money but you also want to increase its working time so it can work longer and you don’t have to change it again and again. LEDs have an estimated lifetime between 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Which is approximately 11 years of non-stop work.

Imagine not changing your lights for a decade.


LEDs are low-maintenance products. We have discussed earlier that LEDs can have a lifespan of more than a decade. I know some people can not trust this but it really is a fact. For instance, you can think of your phone. Your phone screen is glowing because of LEDs and phones can easily live for a decade (if used properly). Therefore we can’t have any doubt about the lifetime of LEDs but only if they are manufactured by a trusted company.

Now if we talk about maintenance, have you ever needed to repair your phone screen just because it is flickering or you have to check your phone’s LEDs frequently for any type of issues. No, there is no need to do this. It is because LEDs provide us the facility of low or sometimes zero maintenance. You just go and apply lights and then forget to touch them again. They work fine for years.

This is beneficial for areas where human reach is not recommended or where any failure will cost much, for instance stadium lights.


LEDs are available in almost all sizes. They are actually a very small piece of semiconductor diode. The dimensions of a single LED can be around 5mm which is five times smaller than your nail. Now imagine how many areas you can use LEDs with this portable size. LED bulbs are also composed of these tiny diodes but they are connected in series of many diodes.

The size of LEDs depends on the usage or target area. You can get any type of LED light commercially for any need.

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