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Airbnb is not a new concept, but it is a relatively novel notion for business spaces. Essentially, it is an online platform that connects lodge seekers with lodge providers. As a result, trade is canceled. There are also numerous online marketplaces where you can rent out a coworking space. These sites are properly dubbed “Airbnb for office space.” Coworking spaces, like Airbnb, offer a wide range of features to corporate clients.

The only distinction is that the latter offers office space and the former offers lodges that are similar to homes. Coworking is a concept that concentrates on providing corporate amenities and bringing like-minded businesses together. It is unquestionably more professional than a cafe and significantly less expensive than a regular office.

Coworking is a new way of working for freelancers and remote employees. We all know how difficult it is to work from home or in an apartment, but finding a spot in a coffee shop or library can be even more difficult whether there aren’t enough outlets, only one bathroom, or you simply can’t find an open table. These difficulties are addressed in coworking spaces. Individuals and groups of all sizes can benefit from rented desks, apartments, or conference spaces that include WiFi, coffee, and a pleasant atmosphere.

List of Airbnb for office space 

Businesses’ productivity rises when employees can spend 100% of their time working in a coworking environment. You can select a coworking space of your choice on a variety of online platforms. Some of these are listed below.

  1. Regus – Office space

Regus coworking space in Gurgaon is unquestionably the world’s largest provider of coworking spaces and a fantastic Airbnb for office spaces. When it comes to coworking, they are the global leaders. They have top-notch spaces, cutting-edge technology, and excellent networks, to name a few. Joining this coworking space boosts a company’s brand worth significantly. Private offices, business lounges, dedicated desks, and conference rooms are also available.

  1. LiquidSpace 

LiquidSpace is a coworking space in Delhi and also an online marketplace where you can rent or sell office space. Their licensing agreements are straightforward. They provide a variety of coworking facilities, including remote offices, presentation rooms, and more. 

LiquidSpace brings those who have space (coworking space owners, office building management, business centers, and private businesses) together with people who need it (individuals, teams, startups, and more). LiquidSpace is an excellent choice if you have large, complex requirements.

  1. Share desk 

ShareDesk lets customers book by the hour, day, or month, offering them a lot of freedom. With 4500 locations in 440 cities throughout the world, ShareDesk has a wide footprint. Although ShareDesk is more of an aggregator than a private network, pricing and amenities are determined by what each coworking partner costs and provides. For example, a hot desk at one coworking space in Austin costs $200 per month, whereas a dedicated desk costs $400. Users can choose their space type (workspace or meeting space) and rental term (hourly, daily, or monthly) and view what’s available around them with ShareDesk. This platform doesn’t use a membership model, so you’ll pick a coworking space and rent it for as long as you need it.

  1. Hubble 

Hubble is a rapidly expanding coworking space. They have coworking locations in Manchester and London right now. Hubble also makes it simple to list your office space. Hubble has a variety of coworking spaces to choose from. It’s a fantastic Airbnb office space choice.

  1. Qdesq -Office space is the country’s largest tech-enabled platform for modern workspaces to find, categorize, and reserve a flexible and dedicated workspace without the hassle of a lease or brokerage, and it’s also completely free (without any brokerage).

The technology allows for an “on-demand,” transparent, and dynamic procedure. Qdesq is the world’s largest and fastest-growing flexible workspace leasing marketplace, providing ready-to-move-in serviced offices that are customized to their budget, location, and terms. Unbranded shared offices branded coworking and serviced offices, and built-to-suit private managed offices are also available.

  1. pivot desk

PivotDesk is an online marketplace that links those in need of office space with others who have excess space. PivotDesk is extremely popular among small teams who needed something flexible and cost-effective before settling into a more permanent setup, and it allows directly the company that leased larger They need more room than they have right now to cover some of the expense of that otherwise idle space.

  1. Heydesk 

Heydesk is a global online marketplace for finding coworking spaces, flexible offices, workspaces, and conference rooms. We have the world’s largest supplier, with about 190.000 seats accessible in 100 countries. They haven’t focused on the selling aspect yet because we’re a startup; instead, they’re focusing on developing our platform with venues and the platform itself.

The company concept was to create an Airbnb for workspaces, focusing on residences and private offices with extra desks. However, since the coworking industry has grown so rapidly, they have adjusted their strategy to focus more on coworking spaces.

  1. Croissant- Office space

Croissant is a well-known coworking brand with locations in more than 30 cities across the United States and around the world. It utilizes a membership approach pick your home market and the number of hours you require per month (10, 40, or 120), then sign up. 

Your membership gives you access to the Croissant network’s hundreds of coworking places.

Ithas some advantages, but it isn’t a good fit for individuals searching for full-time employment. Furthermore, when amenities differ, so does the user experience.

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