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Moonstone – A genuine magical stone

Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry

 Rene Lalique, a french goldsmith, has created the first moonstone jewelry from its crystal. During the period of art nouveau, the admiration for this gem encountered a boom. From the fascination of Romans and Greeks to the theories of Hindu mythology, Chandra (moon) is considered as the symbol of peace and power. The moon god is said to shower its blessings on this incredible creation. Today every part of the world is aware of its magic and beauty. 

Meaning of Moonstone Jewelry

Why is Moonstone preferred worldwide? The important reason being the energies. Moonstone jewelry is also known as adularia, and adularescence in this gem or white reflection symbolizes purity. The high vibrational positive energies of Moonstone provide tranquility. Ancient civilization cured all their underlying health issues with the help of its lunar association. The meaning of this gemstone lies in its attributes, structure, and composition. 

Overall, it’s more than just a beautiful stone. People from various cultures and ideologies derived ample meanings. For example, in eastern culture, it is linked with good luck and fortune. Whereas in some countries, traders weren’t allowed to sell this gem without keeping it on yellow color. As yellow was known to be sacred color. And even in modern times, jewelry lovers take a keen interest in the spiritual meaning of this gem and follow them religiously. 


Moonstone belongs to the feldspar family. And consists of two minerals, albite, and orthoclase. Initially, the two minerals seem mangled. However, after the cooling process, orthoclase and albite turn out to be divided into alternative layers. Therefore, If you see a moonstone and its misty light from various angles, then it would give a glowing appearance. 

Color healing of moonstone

Moonstone comes in various colors, and as a matter of fact, each color and type signifies interesting properties. Indeed, more clarity leads to more power and vice versa. This credible gem is well versed in facilitating a healthy love life. It also relaxes the pain and is helpful for infertility problems. 

Blue Moonstone: The blue Moonstone is directly related to throat and heart chakras. When worn in a moonstone pendant around the neckline,  it continuously enhances calmness and focus. 

White Moonstone – Moonstone has great traditional relevance, and in terms of Ayurveda, it is said to bring solid feminine energies that can heal women’s menstrual issues with ease.  It’s best to wear this stone close to the body, near the chest, to maximize the healing. The strong feminine energies balance hormones and stress.

Rainbow Moonstone – Inner peace is required to maintain a subtleness in the personality. Fortunately, this stone clears the toxins and promotes harmony. Complete ease for a stressful soul. It provides a vision and stimulates intuition to foresee shortcomings. 

Yellow/peach/white -A helpful aid for forty-plus women suffering the issue of menopause and pain. Perfect suggestion for those dealing with fertility issues. It strengthens creativity and imaginative skills. In fact, the pastel hues of the Moonstone necklace impart confidence to conscious individuals. 

Fragrance healing of moonstone

You must not know, but Moonstone color types are further divided based on versatile fragrances. The creative souls, especially writers, musicians, singers, and anyone, can re-energize themselves in the realm of such an aromatic stone. The soothing smell increases the energy flow and imagination to a great extent. 

Rainbow – jasmine, lemon balm, neroli, eucalyptus

Yellow/white/peach – Peach, ylang-ylang, chamomile 

Blue – magnolia, nimosa. lavender 

Wholesale Silver Moonstone Jewelry
Wholesale Silver Moonstone Jewelry

What to keep in mind before purchasing?

Shape: The shape of Moonstone is a crucial step to check before making your mind for this creation. Be it cabochons or raw form, the jewelry and shimmer play comes out brilliant in Moonstone. But it’s essential to go for a trendy and catchy shape. For instance, the moonstone pendant is mainly appreciated in oval, heart, and round shapes. 

Size: The money and value are correlated with the carats and weight of a gemstone. Like,  Moonstone ring is usually worn in 2-3 carat size, if not recommended astrologically. And this size comes with a nominal cost. But it would vary if you settle for a big-sized ring. 

Quality: The quality of Moonstone depends on the shimmer, color play, and clarity. Be sure of all these attributes to ensure authenticity. As with the growing demand, many traders are duping the minds of the customer with imitated moonstones. And with such a case, one has to be wise while choosing genuine moonstone jewelry.

Metal: The protection often comes out as a challenge and thus requires proper attention. Well, appearance and safety go hand in hand. So if your stone is fitted in 925 sterling silver or 18k rose gold vermeil, it will equally look enticing and worth wearing material to settle for. But the rest depends on your preference which eventually affects the value. 

Rananjay exports deal in authentic moonstone jewelry which comes in a

wide range of necklaces, rings, pendants, and earrings. Fine craftsmanship and the passion of artisans are evident in the design and unique style. It’s a perfect place to enhance your wholesale moonstone jewelry and to experience the leisure of memorable online shopping.

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