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Opal Jewelry – The Most Beautiful Gemstones in The World

The fascinating Opal jewelry is the most stunning jewelry women love to wear. William Shakespeare called it the queen of gems, as it scintillates the play of color and the sheer range of hues. So let us take a closer look at the Opal stones by knowing their history, properties, and benefits.

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History of The Opal Stone

The gorgeous Opal stone is named after a Latin word, Opalus, which means the precious stone changes its color. It comes from the time around 250 BC when it was the most beloved and attractive stone. Archaeologists found the Opal stone in North America nearly 10,000 years ago and 6000 years ago in Kenya. However, it was found later that the actual source of these stones was Ethiopia, as it borders Kenya to the north.

Why Should One Choose Opal?

The best raw Opal crystals come from Ethiopia, and then they are cut, polished and set into sterling silver jewelry or platted with rose gold jewelry. This is one of the finest jewelry, which people adore to buy. The magnificence of these crystals is immeasurable and one can’t stop themself from buying TheBracelets. This stone makes the wearer look ravishing and has many incredible healing properties.

What are The Advantages Wearer Can Take While Wearing Opal Jewelry?

Wearing the Opal ring can be one of the most significant choices as this stone helps in strengthening the relationship. It magnifies the love relations with soulmates and increases the couple’s mutual understanding. Moreover, it makes life turn towards happiness, enhancing the confidence and self-sufficiency in an individual. Wearing this stone while going to the workplace will help balance emotional stability and improve concentration. This stone is October’s birthstone, and those who are born in the month of October should definitely wear this beauty because these Opal stones are specially made for them.

Tips to Take Care of The Opal Jewelry

Opal earrings have won the heart of so many people. This glamorous stone is an amorphous form of silicon. It has an original crystalline structure, and water intensifies its beauty. However, it is vital to take care of this stone because of its fragile nature. The stone ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale hardness. Prolonged exposure to heat, low humidity, and complex material can cause cracks in the stone. Therefore, the wearer should remove the stone while working manually, like kitchen chores, gardening, or washing clothes.

In addition, the wearer should wear the stone at the last while getting ready so that the stone doesn’t come in contact with perfume, make-ups, lotions, creams, and other chemical products. Finally, it would be best if the wearer washes the stone with water after returning home and keep it covered in a soft, damp cloth.

The name Opal comes from the Latin word, “Opalus” meaning the precious stone. There are actually different stories behind the origin of the Opal stone. Like the Arabic legends believed, these crystals have fallen from heaven in the flashes of lighting. The ancient Greeks believed that these opal crystals would always protect them from diseases as they are the gift of prophecy. At the same time, some others believe that these gemstones are formed from volcanic processes.

Wearing the pendant made with the raw Opal crystal would be near to the heart of the wearer and has many advantages as this jewelry is known for its ability to dispel negative energies, thoughts, and desires. This gemstone will assist the wearer to the right path of life, helping them make correct decisions.

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