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Phoenixville personal health care services: A boon for seniors

Thanks to advancement in the field of medicine, people live longer and fuller lives now. However, aging comes with its own challenges, and after a point, seniors often find it hard to do everything alone. More people are opting to stay at home rather than in an assisted living facility, and research shows that patients are more likely to recover faster in known surroundings. If you are struggling with your daily chores and tasks, consider seeking professional help. Phoenixville personal health care services provide dedicated support and elderly care for seniors. In this post, we are discussing more about the need for personal health care. 

The role of home health aides

Most personal care professionals and home health aides have similar profiles, although some may specialize in certain fields, such as dementia care. With these professionals, you can expect – 

  • Companionship. Your home health care professional can give you company, play games, read from books, and just spend time around you. They can also offer emotional comfort and support as needed. 
  • Light household chores like laundry, cleaning, dusting, lawn work. The things that you cannot manage anymore can be assigned to your aide, depending on your requirements. 
  • Meal preparation. Many seniors often suffer from malnutrition because they cannot independently cook for themselves or go out shopping. With home health care, you can expect support with those things. If your doctor has given you a special diet chart, your personal care professional will ensure that you adhere to it. 
  • Personal hygiene. Caring for yourself can be hard after the age of 60. If you have conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, you may have mobility issues. Personal hygiene usually covers basic things like cleaning, bathing, wound dressing (if needed), shaving, and dressing. 
  • Transportation. If you don’t have access to transport or cannot drive to doctor’s appointments, your home health aide can help. Many agencies can also arrange for transport as needed so that you don’t have to chase people for help. 

Seniors are often prone to trips & falls and are more likely to suffer serious injuries. If you have a caregiver around, they can prevent these injuries and help save hospital costs. Also, when compared to nursing homes, personal care at home is much cheaper and more feasible. You can choose to hire someone for a few hours as per your needs. You can also decide if you want to retain a caregiver.  




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