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Food and Drink

Samosa Chat at Punjab Restaurant in Bradford

Punjab Restaurant in Bradford started on December 12, 1964, when a man called Abdul Rehman found out that people originally from Pakistan and India find it very difficult to eat cultural foods living in the United Kingdom. It started with three employees and now is running effortlessly.

What is Breakfast, and why is it important?

Breakfast comes from the meaning of breaking the overnight fast, and hence it is considered the most important meal of the day. After spending a long night with an empty stomach, your body requires nutrients and energy need for you to carry out throughout your day. Having Breakfast regularly helps you concentrate, improves memory, and keeps your skin fresh and glowing.

Brief introduction of Punjab Restaurant Bradford

Chaney and puris originated from Punjab Restaurant in Bradford. The main distinctive ingredients have been chaney, flour and sooji. Without these, it is impossible to make a mouthwatering Chaney and poori dish.

They are a delicious combination of foods that are very famous in Punjab Restaurant in Bradford. It is a desi breakfast dish that includes a spicy chickpea gravy served with a deep-fried puffy and flaky bread called the puri.

The Chaney is prepare by making the gravy and boiling the Chaney. It is then mixed with traditional herbs and spices, keeping the required consistency in mind. There are several ways it can be prepared. Some gravies include the addition of eggs for extra flavour; others add chicken.

The puris are very simple to make; they are prepare by kneading the dough and making small balls, which are eventually rolled into flat circles and then deep-fried.

Punjab Restaurant in Bradford

Benefits of Breakfast at Punjab Restaurant in Bradford

Chaney is a great source of protein, which can be enough to give you the energy needed to survive throughout the day. They have a great amount of fibre. With its creamy and buttery texture, people find it harder to resist. They can reduce the risk of cancer and boost your immune system.

Calories distribution

In a cup of serving of the chickpeas, it contains around:

269 calories

4 grams of fat

45 grams of carbs

6 grams of sugar

5 grams of proteins

Other than these, canned chickpeas have around 35 grams of carbs and 7 grams of sugar. In addition to this, they have 7% calcium, which strengthens your immune system and 22% iron, making your blood flow more efficient.

Chana and puri at Punjab Restaurant in Bradford

The gravy of chickpea is very rich in protein and carbs. It contains herbs like zeera and turmeric that help digestion and other immune system boosting mechanisms that are sufficient for your body. Turmeric is also said to be anti-inflammatory, and it give the gravy the rich yellow color.

On the other hand, the puris are rich in fat. It contains semolina which is high in protein and fibre, and natural vitamins, which help in weight loss and digestion.

Breakfast in Punjab Restaurant in Bradford

At the Punjab Restaurant in Bradford, there are various breakfast options for you to choose from, which will connect you to the warmth of your hometown. In our breakfast menu, the Chana and puris are the famous desi breakfast, which includes spicy chickpea gravy and freshly fried puris.

Punjab Restaurant in Bradford

The platter is enough for a single serving and is prepare using traditional spices. Puris can be serve separately or with halwa. However, the best and most typical serving of puris is Chaney, the most running item on the menu.

Our quality is well maintain with flavors from UK. Our puris are soft, flaky and everything you want your puri to have. It is very filling and provides you with all the energy needed to survive throughout the day.


Their uniquely prepare platter is serve hot and fresh with extras like coriander and chillies. Our main motive is to serve desi cultural food items to people who live in the United Kingdom and miss the taste of home. We are here to provide them with the experience of Pakistan living miles away.

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