Saving Silver Jewelry from Getting Tarnished in Custom Jewelry Boxes

In the old days, custom jewelry boxes came in from;

  1. Wood
  2. Metal
  3. Leather and other various materials

The custom jewelry boxes for women and children were often so big that they needed wall mounting. Others were so heavy that it was difficult to lift them. However, with the evolution of the industries and numerous other reasons, humans started opting for smaller and portable custom jewelry boxes. The boxes, which were for men, had solid shapes and materials. Those created for women had elaborate carvings and designs to make them look appealing. In the modern world,custom jewelry boxes store, display, and protect jewelry items. Many customers are ready to pay a premium price for custom jewelry boxes. They think these boxes are worth impeccable packaging of the items, which they can present to their loved ones as gifts.

Reason to Choose Custom Boxes

There are more reasons the customers and the business entities opt for custom printed jewelry boxes. One of them is using these boxes as promotional and marketing tools for the business entity. The brands convert these bland custom printed jewelry boxes into branded packaging. The space on the box is enough to print all the branding elements of the company marketing or manufacturing the jewelry items. Logos, taglines are printed on them to give a unique appeal and identity to the packaging boxes.

custom boxes help in e commersce

As they go out in the mainstream markets and are displayed on the retail shelves, the observing target audiences make a memory about the brand using its branding elements. It helps them recall the brand anywhere. The modern packaging boxes play a significant role in advertising the product inside them. There was a time when plastic-based boxes were used in the mainstream markets. But now the jewelry packaging boxes are available in cardboard material.

How to Store Jewelry in Custom Jewelry Packaging Boxes

The first step involved in storing jewelry in the custom jewelry packaging boxes requires sorting out. Don’t just store the precious gems, stones, and metals anywhere. Most women have a habit of keeping a tray in the washrooms where they take off their jewelry while washing hands or bathing. Don’t do this. The fumes from the products we use in the bathroom, humidity, and steam corrodes stones and metals. Even if kept in the bathroom racks a few times, it mars the shine of these jewelry items. Always make sure to sort out the jewelry items and keep them in their custom jewelry packaging boxes. Or store them in their original packaging. If the original packaging is too big to keep in purses, then get small pouches in water-proof material like leather or velvet with lining and store these items in them.

Importance of Jewelry Boxes

When storing jewelry in jewelry packaging boxes is important to remember to keep it at room temperature. The premium jewelry items must also be kept away from;

  1. Sunlight
  2. Humidity
  3. Other reactive metals

There is an easy DIY for removing tarnish from silver jewelry items. However, this process can result in pungent-smelling gas residue and must be carried out in well-ventilated premises. The first step involves lining a pan/bowl with foil. Next, fill it with boiling water. Add one-fourth cup baking soda and two teaspoons salt in this water till it starts bubbling. Immerse the silver jewelry items in this water. Ensure that the jewelry items are placed gently so that they don’t hit the bottom or sides of the pan. Let them sit for three to five minutes. Strain the water out and lay the jewelry out on a lint-free towel to dry it.

Ordering the Perfect Custom Jewelry Boxes

When looking for custom jewelry boxes for your brand ensure checking out the versatile range created by the American packaging and printing firm ClipnBox.

Custom Jewelry Box Styles

Exceptionally printed adornments boxes can be made for some sorts of gems things like rings, studs, pieces of jewelry, watches, and wristbands, alongside specialty things that might require one of a kind sizes. Custom gems boxes can be made with a couple of piece plans, pivoted opening, strip tied conclusion, or other specialty highlights. You can custom print your logo onto these containers and utilize your image’s unmistakable varieties. Custom gems boxes can be made in correspondence with other custom retail bundling like shopping sacks, lace, and tissue paper for a total marked bundling program.

Printing Options

Custom adornments boxes can be produced in unambiguous varieties to match your image’s logo tones and plan. Custom printing is conceivable outwardly and within adornments boxes, contingent upon the particular plan. Supplements can be made for specialty things or manufactured cotton gems additions can be utilized.

Things You Should Look For

At the point when you get gift boxes to pack your gifts, there are a few significant things that you ought to check. The primary thing that you should check is the nature of the crate, as quality is the way to anything that you need to purchase.

Then, you ought to check the variety and the printing style of the crate so it looks appealing and gets the notice of the individual at the main look.


Ensure that the cutting is fine; particularly the edges of the crates ought to in flawless cut.

Pick a covered box with the goal that the printing of the case will keep going long. Likewise, pick the right size of box in which the gift can be appropriately pressed.

Printed Jewelry Boxes

The best thing boxes to get that look appealing and require some investment and work to plan are custom adornments boxes. They are effectively accessible to you from any shop and you can pack your gifts in them. In the event that handcrafted boxes are impossible, these are likewise a decent decision. They come in different varieties and plans that any individual can go gaga for them.

Moreover, you can likewise request that the organizations print wishes and different things on the case so they look lovelier and are customized. You can likewise incorporate cards with these crates so they will make the best gift for your companions.

Gift Pacakging

These cases come in different varieties, so you ought to ensure that you select the variety as per the kind of gift. The most effective way to get a crate is to match the variety subject as per the gifts. In the event that you are uncertain which variety plan to pick, you can ask a companion. You can likewise pick a variety that matches the shade of the gift. This way it looks charming and the individual that gets the gift will likewise go gaga for the case.

Gems bundling feels more extravagant when redone with a marked logo. While submitting a request for gems gift boxes, sacks for adornments and embellishments, or adornments pockets, you will have the choice to engrave your logo. Select from our scope of 20 tones to get the ideal marking. In case it isn’t already obvious, our hot stepping cycle can print numerous metallic tones to really look metallic, not ink based.

The requirement for speed matters to our clients, and this separates us. In the event that we have your logo on a printing plate on record, we can print your request in three to five work days – hi to time-delicate ventures and last moment clients! Our Fast Imprinting empowers your request to send just a brief time after it has been set, restricting your stand by time.

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