Select a reliable agent for BOC-3 filing

If you’re starting your own logistics business and have filed for the MC number with FMCSA Your public information is available on the website of the Federal motor agency and the Safety Administration. After the information becomes public you’ll begin receiving messages from every direction including those offering the blanket of coverage, and of BOC 3 filing to serve as process agents for you.

FMCSA recommends against choosing one of these companies or individuals to submit a BOC 3 for your logistics business. You should select a process agent that meets the primary requirements set established by FMCSA.

Registered and Licensed:

A process agent has to register with FMCSA and possess a permit to be an agent for process. You can choose one of the available options on the site of FMCSA.

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A person or company who has extensive knowledge of the freight and logistics sector should be preferable to firms that are relatively newer.

Blanket Company:

A business that has coverage across all states is best since it saves you from the headache of deciding on various process agents across various states.


Your process agent has to send papers (to as well as from) within a few hours after they get the documents. In the event of delay, they must forward legal documents which could cause serious consequences.

Responsible and Vigilant:

Legal issues are delicate and your process agent should be accountable and know how to adapt by making an informed decision when they’re unable to reach the person you need to contact (agents who have been for years in the industry attain this level of knowledge).

What is the procedure for BOC 3 is registered?

When you have selected an agent for your process after doing your research, you’ll submit the request online. When the agent is notified of your request they will complete the form and submit it to FMCSA and FMCSA will post the file status through their site. A copy of the FMCSA certified BOC 3 form will be given via the agent who processed your request to be kept for your records.

FMCSA authorized BOC 3

If you’re in search of an experienced and reliable process agent to fill out an FMCSA authorized BOC 3 form for your logistics business, A+ Agents of Process Inc is among the best. They provide a broad coverage and have been operating for quite some time now.

Motor Carrier Consultants

At the most, avoid the purchase of a truck until you’ve finished the formal process.

“People will purchase a truck and trailer and put their company name on the truck, not realizing it’s going to take at least three weeks for it to happen,” McNeill states. “In the meantime they’re sitting on note from the truck and an insurance policy before they’re able to find a business to pay their bill .”

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The initial step should be to apply an application to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to get an U.S. Department of Transportation number and motor carrier number (operating authority). You need an DOT number in order to apply for the authority. Within 10 to 12 days after making the application the application, the FMCSA will issue an “first letter” acknowledging the application has been evaluated and approved.

When you get the first letter, you are able to purchase cargo and liability insurance. Make sure you shop for quotes on insurance after you have filed with FMCSA for your MCN number however, you should wait to purchase insurance, McNeill says. It will take between 24 and 48 days for an insurance company to submit your insurance application through FMCSA.

filing your insurance

When that you are filing your insurance claim, you must also complete the BOC-3 form for process service agent filing.

It can take between 24 and 72 hours to allow the files to appear in the FMCSA Federal Register. The program was launched in 2007. program is applicable to all carriers that transport goods within interstate commerce. Around 40 states are part of the program. It is managed by > It’s an electronic file which will be displayed when your vehicle passes commercial scales. If you’re operating in a state not registered in the program, you’ll be required to register in an alternative state for your base.

Best States

It is also important to research the states in which you intend to do business to determine if there are additional fuel tax including Kentucky, New Mexico, New York and Oregon – and also for state-wide interstate authorities, McNeill says. Thirty states have authority from the intrastate, but enforcement hasn’t always been an area of high importance in a few of them.

It’s impossible to manage your business if you don’t have the document proving your operational authorization on your automobile. If you’re in a hurry, Don Norman Associates will fax your authority to you for a fee.

establishing the transport company

Here are the most important documents you’ll require to become an owner-operator independent. The process that begins by obtaining an U.S. Department of Transportation number is expected to take three weeks.

  • U.S. Department of Transportation number: You need this number in order to request operating authorization. You must apply first for this.
  • The Motor Carrier’s number (operating authority) issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Apply for this number next.
  • BOC-3 process agent form filing: File when you purchase insurance.

What Exactly is a BOC-3 Form?

BOC is abbreviation for Blanket of Coverage. The form is filed federally and guarantees that your entire commercial fleet has legal power to work in any state where you operate. The BOC-3 filing protection extends to brokers for truckers, truckers for hire as well as freight forwarders.

All fleets of commercial trucks must file an BOC-3 form. This form permits you to use interstates. It is also necessary to have the form BOC-3 file on file for you to revive FF and MC number that be revoked.

Why You Need a BOC-3 Form

Also, it protects your business to ensure that you don’t forget important legal notices that could affect your business.

How to File a BOC-3 Form

The BOC-3 procedure is easy. The first step for filing an application is to call an agent who will complete this form for you. The form should include all states within which you plan to operate.

The process agent is an entity that grants commercial trucking companies which includes freight forwarders as well as brokers, legal representation in the states where they conduct business.

The FMCSA stipulates that only process agents can file a BOC-3 in behalf of an applicant. However, brokers and freight forwarder applicants could serve as the process agents for themselves when filling out BOC-3

Find a Process Agent Today!

You can select the process agents you want who will be able to file the FMCSA. Royalty Speed has helped countless commercial trucking companies fill out BOC-3 forms. They also provide all the information you need to make the right decisions.

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