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Signs of Discrimination During Hiring By The Employer

The Civil Rights Act protects job applicants and employees from experiencing discrimination based on factors such as their race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, pregnancy, and disabilities in the United States. While it is unlawful, discrimination still occurs in the workplace in areas such as recruitment, hiring, promotions, and training. 

Being denied a job because you belong to a protected class is unfair and illegal, and it is essential to understand and protect your rights. Consult an employment attorney Essex County for advice and know what legal action you can take against the employer. 

What are some signs that can help identify discrimination during the hiring process? 

  • Inappropriate questions. 

The purpose of a job interview is to understand your qualifications, skills, and how you can contribute to the organization. However, the employer may ask questions that are not relevant to the job in order to receive information that they can use to discriminate against you. 

  • Harmful jokes. 

Employers may make discriminatory statements under the guise of humor. These may be based on stereotypes associated with the protected class you belong to and other such prejudiced notions. Often, they make assumptions based only on stereotypes and project them on you. 

  • Hostile behavior. 

The employer may change their tone and speak to you in a derogatory or unpleasant manner because you are a member of a protected class. They may not treat other job applicants in this manner. 

  • No diversity. 

If you notice that the majority of the employees and people in leadership roles belong to specific criteria such as race, gender, and age, it is often a sign that the organization indulges in discriminatory practices while hiring. 

  • Unfair pay. 

The employer may offer you a lower wage than other employees that work at the same level as you but do not belong to a protected class may receive. They might refuse to give you the job if you disagree. 

What can you do? 

Experiencing discrimination during an interview can be stressful and negatively impact your mental health. It is necessary to contact a lawyer at the earliest to understand how to proceed. Make a note of the discriminatory questions you were asked, the offensive statements, and the lower pay you were offered to use as evidence. Your lawyer can help you file a complaint to the organization’s Human Resources department for discrimination and the EEOC if it is ineffective. 

The presence of a lawyer can significantly improve the chances of your case having a favorable outcome. They efficiently guide you with their knowledge, experience, and skills throughout the process. 

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