Software Can Solve Problems That Would Take Hours Or Days To Complete By Hand

Software had become an essential thing in our modern-day life. The operating system which we use like Microsoft Windows or Android to open and run our computer programs and functions is a kind of software.  The software had made our life much easier.  And help us to do our works faster and save our precious and valuable time.  Today we will discuss the definition and history of software, how Software can solve problems that would take hours or days to complete by hand, where you can find suitable software for your use.

Definition of software

“Software can be called to a set of programs which instructs the computer regarding what to do.”  Some of the most popular software that we use in our everyday life are Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, Sejda Pdf Editor, DocHub, Small Pdf, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. are some of the most common software we use in our daily life.

Besides this software, there are other software various organizations uses to complete their particular task.

History of software

The history of software belongs to the 20th century. As we know that a computer is a necessary element to run the software, so we can understand that software had come into existence only after the innovation of the computer.

The software had been used in the famous 1969 “Apollo 11” mission where a group of astronauts had gone into the moon. After the successful use of software in this mission, some people had become to be very optimistic about the future of software.

Still, the use of software had been relatively unknown to the public domain until the rise of uses of personal computers. After the innovation of Microsoft Windows as software that will help people to open and run their computer easily, the use of the software is getting increasingly popular to this day.

With the increasing use of personal computers, many people had started to use software to complete their particular tasks. Many software development companies had been established to fulfill the demands of software in the marketplace.

How Software can solve problems that would take hours or days to complete by hand

Now, we will describe some of the astonishing features of different software and how it is helping us to save our valuable time.

Copy and paste

Usually, if someone is writing on a paper and he had to repeat some sentences which he had written previously, he had to rewrite it again. But using the software can help to save a lot of time of ours in this case. In software like Microsoft word, there is a feature of copy and paste which enables the user to copy a particular sentence and paste it.

No matter how long the sentence is, then copy and paste features of this software would literally take seconds. If he would write it on paper, he would have to rewrite it again and that would cost us a lot of time. But using features like copy and paste, we can save valuable time.

Finding or replacing something

If one wants to find a particular sentence in large documents and he tries to do it manually; it would have taken a lot of time to find that particular sentence. But using the software he can find that particular word within seconds.

Similarly, if someone wants to replace a word with similar words, he can just use the replace function of the software and replace the word within minutes.

Finding Plagiarism

Copying someone writing without his prior approval or copying someone’s writings without giving due credit to the author is called plagiarism. Before the innovation of software, people would copy and there was no mechanism available to catch this kind of plagiarism as it is impossible to manually check all the resources of the world if he had copied it or not.

But the software had been invented to stop this kind of plagiarism. The software can scan millions of pages of writings within a very short time and find out if the writer had done plagiarism or not. The software which catches the plagiarism had been specially helpful for the teachers as they can identify if their student had written it on their own or copied it from someone other.

Voice Typing

Voice typing is also a wonder of software. Writing thousands of words on a keyboard is a very time-consuming thing. Specially, it is very difficult to write a long speech by typing it. To solve this problem, software that can directly convert the voice into typing had come into existence.

With the help of this kind of software, now long speech can be converted into text very easily. Otherwise, it would have taken a lot of time to manually listen to the speech and then type it. Thus voice typing software is saving a lot of valuable time.


Translating any document from one language to another language needs a lot of time. Also, translating is a difficult task sometimes as interpreters who would translate the document from one language to another.

To solve this problem, the software had been invented which can translate any document from one language to another. This language translation software had been a revolutionary thing specially in the field of scientific research and study. Scientists had been able to translate various scientific documents in their own language.  Faster which had helped them a lot for their research.


All types of calculations like Addition, Multiplication can be done on the software. The software can do thousands of calculations within moments. In the banking sector, we see the use of calculation-related software.

The calculations which were done on the software be it addition or multiplication save a lot of time for the human as well as ensures that the calculation done by the software had no chance of error whatsoever. If these calculations were to be done manually, it would have taken a lot of time and there would always remain a chance of errors in the calculation.

Editing Photos and Videos

Software like Adobe Photoshop had been used to edit photos. This photo editing software enables the user to edit photos easily. Also, this software usually had a lot of photo templates through which the user can edit his photo or take ideas about photos from these templates.

Video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro had been a revolution in the modern-day world. Before the innovation of this video editing software, editing videos was very difficult and time-consuming work. But the software had made the task of video editing much easier.

Also, it would not be unwise to say that if these video editing software would not make the task of video editing so easier, today we would not see the massive video editing industry of YouTube, Tiktok, or Dailymotion. Most of the content of these websites is user-generated content.

This software had made the task of video editing so much easier.  Now anybody with the basic knowledge of this software can do video editing and upload it on different video platforms.

Data Analysis

There was data analysis before the innovation of software. Companies had to depend on their salesman to understand the customer mindset and set their business strategies according to it before the innovation of software.

But after the innovation of software, the subject of data analysis had changed completely. The software had taken the data analysis to a completely different level that was unthinkable a few years ago.

With the help of software, multinational companies can analysis thousands of data of their customers and implement strategies according to it. For instance, a company had launched a product in the market. Analyzing the data of the customers, the company may know which age group of people is buying the most of their product.

If it was found that the middle-aged people had bought most of their product, they may specifically target the age group for advertising campaigns. It would be easier for ad campaigns of the company to make strategies based on these data. It would not be possible without the help of software as manually analyzing this massive data is next to impossible.

Rectifying grammatical mistakes

English is spoken and written all over the world. But it is not the mother tongue of most of the people outside the English-speaking country. So, while writing in English, a lot of students may have grammatical errors in their writings.

Finding these grammatical errors manually would be very difficult and time-consuming work. Some software had been invented which can identify grammatical mistakes within seconds and the students can easily rectify their grammatical mistakes with this software.

Writing needs to be grammatical-error-free. Not only English but the software had also been developed in other languages too in order to make writing grammatical-error-free.

Language learning and communication

Language learning is a difficult task definitely. If one wants to learn a language, he needs to practice it a lot. Previously, human interaction was a must for learning languages.  And it would take years for a person to learn the language.

But the software had been developed which had made the task of language learning easier. Now, anyone can learn languages on this software very easily. He can learn words, pronunciations on the software.

The language was also a barrier to communication between people to people. But with the innovation of voice translating software, people can translate someone’s voice to a language he understands. This had bought a major change specially in the tourism sector. People can travel around the world easily without knowing the language of the land.

Also, the software had been used to translate the writings of posters and billboards which had made it easier for the passer-by to know the destinations.

Educational institutions

The software had changed the system of education. Nowadays, the software can record digital attendance, create mark sheets and results, and many more things.

Previously, doing this type of work would need a lot more time. Besides that, the teacher had to waste a lot more time in creating mark sheets and publishing results.

But the innovation of software had truly been a blessing for education. Teachers can save their valuable time from creating mark sheets.  they can publishing results and as a result that, they can give more importance to their academic work.

Also, this software can save time on things like accepting fees. The software can make the whole process automatic. Through which the educational institutions can save a lot of time, money, and effort.

We had tried to highlight some of the benefits of using the software in this article. Besides these benefits, the software had also a lot of benefits in different domains like business, offices, manufacturing sectors, etc. Using software helps to save a lot of time in these sectors also.

We can surely say after describing so many benefits of software that the software definitely saves our time. So, the statement, “Software can solve problems that would take hours or days to complete by hand.” is absolutely correct.

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