SuperSlot formulas do not have fixed formulas. Of course, the truth depends on the range of days. And the time of distribution but today we are going to get to know the slot formulas at any website. I dare not tell you this.

Each method is a method that we have gathered, tried ourselves, and it works the most. Including studying how to play from other people as well get to know 5 formulas that will make you easy money from Super slot games.

Choose a game with more than 4 horizontal lines.

The first thing you have to choose is a game, but what you have to choose from over a game are the Lines of that game. You have to choose a game with horizontal rows that are more than 4 rows, if asked if they are less than 4 rows, you can, but the chances of being correct will be less

Start playing 10 baht per stick.

Starting in the original many people want to start with a small bet first, regardless. But for the admin, the more you bet, the more you get (secretly greedy) because from the statistics of playing the amount of 10 baht, round numbers, there is a chance that the bonus will be issued more

Do not use Auto Spin, Do not press Spin and Stop.

Many people have probably seen or are used to using the Auto Spin button. It is only for lazy people or people who have a lot of money to play. Of course, playing online slots, the system already gives out random bonuses. Especially if we let the automation work. Like we don’t play all by ourselves.

No fun the other is when we press the Spin button during that time, the system will randomize the game page. Have to wait for the random game system for a while. While waiting we have a Stop button so you don’t have to wait. But this button should not be used at all. Because it will cause the system to randomize the games that will be issued according to that prize line Not following the reward line you can call it a discrepancy bonus. (According to game statistics)

First 10 bets, start small.

From entering the superslot777 game the important thing is to start betting. In the first 10 bets, you have to bet low first. The tendency of low bets starts with bets on the balance of 5 – 10 baht, but for the admin, it will be 10 baht or more. It’s right 10 the first is important. Who plays often will allow us to see the daily bonus distribution. You’ll be able to see the loops of slot games more easily. After playing the last 10 times, it can be full. Instantly use bigger bets you can call it full.

Instant game changer when you get Big Win.

Many people wonder if the bonuses of each game vary from level to level. Emphasize that if you get Big Win (Bonus amount is 5 – 10 times the stake) change the game immediately. Change the game and come back to the same technique again. Choose a game with more than 4 horizontal rows and start with low bets first 10 for the first time, then go full straight away.

If you can do it all, I can assure you that the word “rich” is right in front of you. The only time left to make it there Along with the fun that you can play happily (profitable), but not as expected. We also suggest that you should rest or distance it for a while. And come back again, it’s not too late in the end, nothing much, just saying that luck is always with you.

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