The Best Accounting Software for Owner Operators in the Trucking Industry

Most sectors may use basic accounting software to meet their demands. However, some businesses, such as the trucking industry, require more specific accounting software to reap the benefits.

To put it another way, trucking companies have unique accounting requirements. As a result, the truck software must include standard accounting capabilities such as general ledger and accounts payable/receivable and specific functionality. Support for driver and vehicle tracking and the generation of a trip report are examples of specific features.

The ability to perform fleet-specific duties such as IFTA tax reporting, settlements, and load tracking is a benefit of employing owner-operator trucking accounting services.

How does software affect truck driver pay?

The majority of truck owners and operators do not maintain track of their business operations or analyze their numbers. Lack of record keeping and review has a negative impact on a driver’s pay and, eventually, the business’s health. Trucking software will assist you in separating your personal and commercial spending from your tracking business.

You do not own all of the money you are paid for the services you provide. You must pay your business expenditures and set aside money for taxes, maintenance, and other expenses.

Trucking software can assist you to figure out how much money you’ll make each month. If your trucking company is not lucrative, you must make the necessary modifications. Do you want to know how much a truck driver who is an owner-operator earn? M7 Taxes has the ideal solution for you.

Owner Operators’ Favorite Trucking Software

TruckBytes Accounting Software for Trucking

When you look at the features that TruckBytes offers, it’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the best software for owner-operators. Owner-operators, whether new to the business or seasoned veterans, will benefit from the software. The software is available in both free and paid versions for your usage. Furthermore, this tool for self-employed truckers allows you to store records in a more straightforward method.

While the software does not yet handle payroll, it does provide truckers with several other basic accounting services such as profit/loss reporting, IFTA compliance monitoring, and triage.


According to most online reviews, this is the market leader when selecting the best accounting software. QuickBooks is a cloud-based version revamped in 2013 and allows you to use or access it from your tablet or smartphone.

All of your financial and account information can be synchronized across all of your devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android, with this app. This program also shows you your trucking company’s receivables, cash flow, and payables in real-time. In addition, the app aids in the preparation of your tax data for tax season or you can take advice from a financial advisory consultant

Small enterprises or businesses, as well as individual trucking contractors, can subscribe to the service. Other accounting software, such as QuickBooks or other accounting software, can be integrated with QuickBooks or other accounting software.

RAMA Logistics 

It is a software company that specializes in logistics. If you own a small trucking company, this bookkeeping software is ideal for you. This service’s monthly subscription is reasonably priced. Non-essential features allow users to enter their logistics information into the UI. After that, the data may be transferred to QuickBooks Online for straightforward bookkeeping.

The software for truck drivers allows for weight, piece, mile, or flat rate calculations. This gives you actual freedom because you’ll be able to support a broader range of customers and expand your trucking company as a result.

Truckn Pro 

Essential functions such as payroll and truck management capabilities such as trip planners and vehicle maintenance logs are available in this desktop accounting software for trucking. The primary, owner-operator, and small fleet editions of this cost-effective app are available. Every user pays a one-time cost that includes free technical assistance and software upgrades in the future.

The owner-operator edition will suffice because it includes all of the necessary truck management tools and the essential accounting services or functionality to run the firm.


This online program comes in four different versions, each designed for a trucking firm with one to five trucks. The software’s basic package covers costs and earnings without mentioning customers or loads.

The software’s compact foot package helps you track loads, invoice customers, manage several vehicles and prepare IFTA taxes. A 30-day trial of the software is available.

Finally, for owner-operators, the apps or tools listed here will help you stay organized and planned while on the road. The only method to produce trustworthy records and reports to increase your pay and business performance is to use accounting software correctly.

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