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The Brief Guide That Makes Changing a Baby Diaper Simple

In 2021, an estimated 140 million babies will be born, making some people parents for the very first time. While a couple’s first pregnancy is an exciting time in their life, they need to work hard to prepare for their newborn’s arrival. And, with only nine months to do so, it may seem like there isn’t time to do everything.

Are you an expecting parent? If so, one of the most important things you can learn is how to change a baby diaper. Thankfully, this post will consider how to do so step by step so you can cross it off your newborn checklist!

Baby Diaper Changing Checklist

Before you can change a diaper, you’ll need to have these newborn essentials.

  • Diapers in your baby’s size
  • Pre-moistened baby wipes without alcohol
  • Diaper cream
  • Change of clothes (just in case)
  • Disposable, air-tight bag (for the dirty diaper)
  • Changing pad

And, if you’re planning for your baby’s arrival, you may want to have the best baby products handy in a diaper bag. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, such as a cool diaper bag backpack.

Step One: Prepare to Change the Diaper

After washing your hands, get all your supplies ready to change your baby’s diaper. Then, lay the infant onto the changing pad.

Step Two: Remove the Dirty Diaper

You should start by unfastening the diaper. Next, gently grasp the baby’s ankles to lift their bottom and slide the diaper out underneath them. Now, place the dirty diaper into the disposable bag, but keep it within reach, as you’ll need it to throw away wipes.

Step Three: Clean Your Baby’s Bottom

Now it’s time to get your baby fresh and clean. Just remember that if your infant is a female, you should wipe her from front to back to avoid getting an infection. And, if your baby has very sensitive skin, you can use warm water on cotton balls to clean them.

Step Four: Put on the Fresh Diaper

After your baby’s bum is clean, slide the new diaper under them with the tabs under their bottom. Thankfully, some types of diapers have patterns or pictures on the front to prevent you from putting them on your baby backward.

Before closing up the diaper, you can apply ointments or cream to prevent diaper rash.

Finally, it’s time to close up the diaper. So pull the front part through the baby’s legs so that the top of it is just over their stomach (roll this part down if your baby is newborn, as this may irritate the umbilical stump). Then, fasten the tabs so that it is snug, but not tight.

Step Five: Clean Up

After your baby is snuggly in their diaper, you can start the clean-up. First, roll up the old diaper so that the contents don’t spill out. Then place it back into the disposable bag and tie it.

Also, remember to disinfect the area where you changed the diaper, such as the changing pad. And, finally, clean your hands and your baby’s hands too.

Get a Baby Diaper and Start Practicing

Changing a baby diaper may seem like a daunting task. Yet, with these instructions, the best baby diapers, and a little practice, you’ll be an expert by the time your little one makes their debut!

Did you enjoy this article on infant care? If so, check out more of our instructional posts!

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