The Gojek Clone App – What are the unique features you need to know?

On-demand apps are ruling the present market. With the obvious reason of the COVID19, people across the world have adopted the lifestyle to order their stuff online. Offering convenience and comforts, these on-demand app like Gojek are winning people’s hearts. Not only does the Gojek Clone app offer various services in the comfort of your own home.  But it provides customization to suit the needs of the client too. So what are these exclusive features that we offer?

Add On Assets

  1. Licensed source code – It offers you a licensed source code of the Gojek Clone app to make sure that.  Any additional customisations can be made according to your business requirement as an when you want to.
  2. Bug Support – There are various services provided to protect you from any kind of malfunctioning or bugging or lagging and assure you of our quality.
  • White Labeling – Your app with be launch under your brand name and with your logo on the places of your choice. No mention of the clone app will be show anywhere.
  1. Strict Adherence to Non-Disclosure Policy – A strict non-disclosure policy agreement is in place which ensures that never is the brand name or the identity of the brand ever revealed. The apps are not even name on the website for that matter. Every interaction is completely confidential.
  2. Annual Upgrades – Every app needs to have some modifications or up gradations over a period of time. And that is exactly what we offer.
  3. Fully functional website – The client is just not handed over an App.  But is offer a fully functional website as well where in they can book all the Services that they need.

Additional Languages and Currencies –

The app offers you an additional feature of different Languages and currencies along with the ones already there.

  • Payment options –

The Gojek Clone App enables customers to choose from three payment methods Cash, credit/debit Cards, and In-App Wallet.

  • Geo fencing –

The app enables the Admin to set Geo fences to create restrictions on serviceable areas. These Geo fences are customizable and modifiable as per your convenience and in case of future expansions.  The company can change and adapt as required.

  • In app notifications –

Through the Gojek Clone app you can now send in app notifications to the customers about various offers and other events that might occur in the process of booking the service or delivery.

  • Promo codes and referral rewards –

The app can attract more users by offering the clients referral rewards with the help of promo codes in the form of discounts.

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 New Features of Our Gojek Clone Script since the Covid 19 pandemic

  1. Restricted Passengers Limit – Corona Related Feature: You may want to limit passengers in each Taxi as per the government rules. Due to Corona max 3 passengers allow as per Govt Rules, Social Distancing, etc.
  2. Face Mask Verification – Corona Related Feature: Driver needs to upload his selfie every time he starts a Ride. This is to make sure that he is wearing a mask.
  3. Safety Checklist – Corona Related Feature: List of safety measures that Rider and Driver must follow during this Covid Era to be display at booking of each ride.
  4. Safety Ratings & Reviews – Corona Related Feature: Rider is asked to review safety measures related to Corona that were followed during the ride by the Driver.
  5. Ride Cancellation – Corona Related Feature: Allows Rider and Driver to cancel a ride if the other party hasn’t followed safety measures.
  6. Apply Toll Cost Manually – For Taxi Module: Many countries dont have Toll API.
    In such cases, Driver can add Toll charges at the end of the ride. Once confirm by Rider, it will be added to the Ride Invoice.
  7. Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models – Fixed model and Incremental Model – For Taxi Module: Select the Fare Calculation Model: Let Rider Pay as per Fare Estimate showed before Ride begun OR as per the road traveled by Taxi.
  8. Store Wise Commission – For DeliverAll Module: Set different Commission Rates for each Store.
  9. Day Wise Separate Timeslots – For DeliverAll Module: Select Weekdays and Weekend for Stores as per your region’s culture.
  10. Item Name Searching – For DeliverAll Module: Allow searching of Stores and Items together in Store Search.
  11. 18+ Age Confirmation – For DeliverAll Module: Allow users to upload their Identity Card for purchase of items that require age proof and get the verification done.

Gojek Clone App

More Features of Gojek Clone Script:

  1. Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers Feature is available in Food & Grocery Delivery App.
  2. Delivery Driver can have a Helper to assist him Feature is available in Parcel / Courier Delivery App. Helper Feature in Parcel Delivery App. A Helper person will come along with a delivery driver to help in transporting the heavy items. Admin can define Delivery Vehicles with higher Rates.  where a Helper is available to assist the Delivery Driver for loading and unloading of Cargo/Goods.
  3. Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens: Restaurants can upload pictures of their kitchens to let customers know about how they follow best safely and cleanliness processes in their premises.
  4. Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver: Store Drivers can cancel Delivery orders if they cannot deliver Food or Grocery for some reasons.
  5. OTP Verification to Start the Task: Customers to provide OTP to Taxi Drivers, Delivery Drivers, Service Providers to confirm the start of Taxi Ride, get parcel delivery or Job respectively.
  6. Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification: This feature shows status of Ordered Food, Grocery Delivery to Rider / Customer, booked Ride, Jobs, via Graphical Icons as in App Notifications.
  7. Multiple Delivery in Stores: Delivery Driver to “Deliver” more than 1 Order from same Store/Restaurant in 1 go. Delivery Driver to “Deliver” more than 1 Order from different Store/Restaurant in 1 go.


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