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The Ultimate Plus Size Swimwear Buying Guide

Anyone can look fantastic on the beach or by the pool if they know how to dress appropriately. When it comes to design, the swimwear you choose may significantly affect how confident you feel; yet, with so many options available, how can you pick the ideal style if you’re oversized? Fear not, this tutorial will show you precisely how, so you can enjoy your time by the sea at home or on vacation with plus-size swimwear.

Body Type

The most essential thing to know when it comes to swimwear is to dress for your body form. We all have various body shapes, but choosing swimwear depending on your form will highlight your greatest qualities while concealing areas of your body that you are less secure about showing. Remember this when trying on swimwear, and don’t be hesitant to try on several designs before making a purchase. The following is a basic summary of the most common female body shapes:

  • Apple – You carry your weight in your breast and hips, while your legs are less in stature.
  • Pear – Your weight is concentrated around your hips and bottom, with a smaller waistline and shoulders.
  • Hourglass – A broad breast and hips with a smaller waist characterize this shape.
  • Rectangle – Straight shoulder line, hips, and bottom with little waist definition

It will be easy to wear your best, feel wonderful, and look amazing in the summer heat once you know which category you fit into! Finally, you should feel comfortable and confident in your new swimwear, which is simple to do regardless of your size or shape. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the greatest plus-size swimwear alternatives for you.


A traditional bikini is a favorite option for many ladies. This is less exposed than a bikini and will provide ample coverage while producing an attractive appearance. Designs with a pattern along the center of the swimsuit and colored panels on either side can extend your body and make you appear taller. This swimsuit shape is also ideal for pinching your waist and achieving a more controlled and defined hourglass form.


If you like the bikini appearance, try for a plus-sized version with a little bigger knicker. This is more about the height of the bottoms than the breadth since this will allow you to adjust the apparel to your preferences and level of confidence. When reclining on the sun lounger, roll the cloth down to top up your tan. Pulling them up, on the other hand, creates a higher waistline, which slims the tummy and appears more appealing on the thighs.


A tankini is an ideal choice if you like two sections to your swimwear, breaking away from the swimsuit style, but want more coverage than a bikini. This style includes classic bottoms as well as a longer and less-exposing top to conceal the stomach and abdominal area, regardless of your body type. The tankini will also feel less restricted than the swimsuit and will allow your skin to breathe more freely.

Shape Control Swimwear

Plus size swimming suits are an excellent investment if you wish to define your form. Layers beneath the swimsuit serve to draw the waist in and give more stomach control. The material beneath the costume is thicker, so it retains that silky smooth feel while accentuating your form and making you look and feel amazing. Shape control swimwear is an excellent choice for plus-size ladies who want to enhance their confidence before going to the beach, whether at home or abroad.

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