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Tips for Buying a Tailored Suit

Wearing a tailored suit for an important event adds to the class and royalty of the individual. The event can be your friend’s wedding, a family function, a conference, or your marriage. A tailored suit resonates with your personality and improves your style quotient exponentially. But getting your perfect fit while shopping for a tailored suit is not an easy task. So, this article shares a few tips with you. They can help you get the best-fitted tailored suits in Sydney for your event.

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Easy Tips to Buy a Tailored Suit

1 Right Fabric

Choose a nice fabric for your suit. It should be smooth and define elegance. Colours that stand out or don’t complement your skin tone can be offputting. If this is your first suit, you can play it safe with a classic black one. Corporate parties are an entirely different game that can sometimes have the leeway for a casual theme. In that case, opt for grey or navy blue suits.

2 Choose the Style

The style of your suit also contributes to the fashion vibes you externalise. So, compare and contrast to select the style that suits you best. There are two types of tailored suits one can opt for.

Single-Breasted Suit

A single-breasted suit has buttons arranged in a single column. This conservative suit model can be worn for business gatherings and conferences.

Double-Breasted Suit

This type of tailored suit has two columns of buttons. These are also worn on formal and informal occasions.

3 Right Tailor

Once you decide on the suit type and purchase your desired fabric, it is time to search for tailors who stitch tailored suits in Sydney. There are many shopping avenues you can explore. The Stand Arcade reeks of luxury and elite taste, and Victorian architecture is as pretty as a picture! If you are inclined to stitch the best suit, make real-time visits to all the tailors that you have shortlisted after due research. Read online reviews and see suit samples already stitched by the tailor before you make a decision.

4 Trust Your Tailor

Please explain what you are expecting from them. If you have samples that you want the tailor to refer to, show him the pictures of such samples. Discuss your preferences with your tailor to get the desired suit. As your tailor might have earned trust, reputation, and experience for making suits over the years, he may offer advice about your suit that you should consider. If you don’t want to incorporate your tailor’s suggestions, politely decline his ideas and ask them to stick to your ideas while stitching the suit.

5 Accurate Measurements

Ensure that you give correct measurements to your tailor so they can make the best-fitted suit for you. Tailored suits can be expensive, but if you are inclined to spend that money, ensure you are getting stitched a suit that is not oversized or undersized.

6 Comfort

Even if the entire suit fits perfectly, it can still be uncomfortable to wear. So, prioritise comfort while deciding on stitching a suit. There is a good chance that you might have to wear the suit for several hours. So, ascertaining that it is a comfortable suit is important.

7 Lining

The lining of the suit is a vital part of the suit. A lining adds weight and structure to your suit, giving it an excellent shape. You can also go unlined if you are comfortable that way. Tailors can also make suits that are half-line and fully lined. So, give your preferences to your tailor.

8 Cost

Consider the cost you can afford while getting a tailored suit. Tailors have different rates based on the brand name, reputation, and years of expertise. The trick is never to compromise on the output to reduce the costs of the suit.

If you follow these tips, you can get the best-tailored suit that elevates your aura.

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